Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reminder - Health is a Journey

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I found this picture on Dr. DeValt's blog Morning By Morning Pathway to Health.  To me it serves as a reminder that it's should just be about "losing weight".  It should  be a life long journey of learning what our bodies need, how it metabolizes, what nutrients and calories are for and what they do, and making changes.  Permanent changes.

Is this easy?  For a lot of people, most likely not, but buying into the latest quick fix is not going to teach you proper nutrition, nor will it motivate you to move your body.  I have to stress that ANY COMMERCIALIZED WEIGHT LOSS PLAN THAT CLAIMS YOU CAN DO IT "WITHOUT EXERCISE" IS A SCAM!! 

What good will it do you to try to eat proper, but not move your body?  You will lose muscle mass, your tendons and joints will ache, and it will all be for not.  And for starters, what diet and weight loss plan, or even exercise plan for that matter, doesn't warn you to "not start any new program without consulting your physician or doctor first"?   Did you?  Has your spouse, friend or relative?  People go on all these supplemental diets, and dish out money left and right for things that they can get from a proper diet.  Excessive vitamins, minerals and supplements are flushed from your body!  If your body doesn't need them, you are throwing your money away on products that you literally are putting right into the toilet!

I highly encourage people to get labs done on themselves, and learn your numbers.  Learn what you are deficient in.  Learn what foods contain to help you with those deficiencies.  If you do not like or cannot tolerate those foods, then choose a natural supplement for that particular deficiency for pennies on the dollar compared to these overindulgent mega powders that are made in a lab.  While there are some synthetic supplements that can be just as effective, overall, natural is best according to independent testing by Consumer Labs.  Education and knowing what you need are keys to success beyond the weight loss.

Here's to your health and happiness!  Hope you're all keeping on the steady path of your own individual journey!  Have a great week!

- Cheryl