Friday, December 28, 2012

A New You

It's that time of year again.  Where everyone makes their New Year's Resolutions to lose weight, start eating healthier, exercise more, etc, etc.  My question to you is, why are you putting your own health and wellness on a future start date?  The time to start is NOW!

We have choices every day, and those choices effect our bodies in so many ways.  There is no time like the present to start making better ones.  Made a bad decision at lunch?  Choose wiser at dinner time.  Forgot to get your morning workout in?  Try to find something that afternoon that will help raise your heart rate, even if it's dancing while doing housework!  There are so many different things we can do throughout our daily lives to change our habits and our lifestyle.  The only thing stopping it is YOU!

Here's to all that are making a commitment to making changes that will benefit them mind, body and soul!  Hope you all had a great holiday!

- Cheryl

Monday, September 10, 2012

Helping the Malnourished One Child at a Time

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Just More Motivation

This is the picture that I posted on my personal Facebook wall today.  Our base's Air Force Ball is September 22nd, which gives me a little over two months to get this body rockin'!!  The dress (which is a surprise, so I'm not posting a pic of it) I'm having it custom fitted the beginning of September, and it will be shipped to my supplier from Sweden.  I'm truly excited for many reasons.

First off, it's not only a physical fitness goal for me, but a financial one as well.  As I told some friends, my prom dress in high school was made for $50 by a friends mother to save money.  My first wedding dress was only $75 and my last wedding dress was only $124.  I won't say exactly what I'll be paying for my ball gown, but it's roughly over 4 times the prices of those.

Secondly, I'm going all out.  I want my Cinderella night.  My husband and I never had the big dancing reception for our wedding, and I just want the night to be magical.

Lastly, I want be able to show off my new body, in my new dress to all the friends and family that I do not see on a daily basis.  I rarely post photos of myself, because ... well, I'm the one taking the pictures!!  DUH!!  lol

I'm going to be kicking things up a notch with Step 3 nights a week, as well as some Turbo Jam and Insanity that they do here at our Fitness Center on base.  I'm also going to find time for strength and weight training.  I like defined bodies.  Muscles are SEXY!  My birthday is next month, and I want to walk in that ball lookin' FINE AT 39!!!

Do you have any extra incentives?  Something outside the norm... health, family, etc.??  Let me know!  I know this picture is posted above my head at my desk right now in my little home office where I'll have to look at it every day and make me accountable!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Plea to TCF

(click picture for larger image)

I wish they would list the calorie/ingredients of this stuff on their website!

Cheesecake in general is a weakness of mine.  What are yours?

Check out this slice of heaven/hell here!

Happy Hump Day!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Steppin' Along

Well, I've been going to step class at the fitness center on base, and so far, so good!  The instructor Melissa is really great and has a great attitude!  She has classes on Tuesday nights, Saturday mornings and every other Thursday if it fits into her hubby's schedule.  While still back in the beginning stages, I'm starting to enjoy it all over again.

A lot of people are turned off by step because of the coordination involved, but as an old step instructor of mine used to say, as long as you keep moving, you'll get the benefits of it.  I know my first and this last class I had people walked out.  I don't know if they just had to be elsewhere, or if they quit on themselves.  I can be tough, but in the back of my mind, I remember how great I felt after losing weight and being able to buy clothes in a size I wasn't ashamed of.  You have to keep in mind that 14 years ago, I was 250lbs.  So while most strive for a little size 4, I'm happy with a 10.  I'm 5'7", and with my body frame, I would basically look anorexic if I was a size 4!   Just not a fit and healthy look for me.

I also have realized that last time I lost a bit amount of weight was when I was blogging.  I read a lot of fitness blogs as well, and I really think it kept me mentally and emotionally motivated.  I know that this term I'm also taking and exercise and fitness course in college, so that will help me as well.

I'm not looking to be "thin".  I'm looking to be fit and healthy.  A good weight, with good muscle tone, and an active lifestyle that will help me with my diabetes and CAD.  I'll be hitting 40 next August, so I want to be able to say that I am in better shape than I was in my 20's, which right now, I already have a great head start on.

Keep on keeping on folks!  Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Working My Way Back

I've kind of been on hiatus with my blog since starting school and my 2nd child being born last year.  I used to use this blog as a motivator to stay on track and be accountable when I was losing weight before, and I feel I should start up again.  Being a nutrition student has really opened my eyes up to a lot of things that before no diet or weight loss program or coach before had ever done.  We all have our vices and the things that keep us from losing weight and it all boils down to one thing.  EXCUSES!

On my weight loss journey a few years ago, I never thought I would be at square one again.  Post baby weight loss blues.  Last time, 14 years ago when my first child was born, it took me almost 10 years to take off 80 lbs.  Sure, I weigh less now than I did with my first boy, but my second is now 16 months old, and it's really time for my excuses to stop.  My health can't wait for me to take another 10 years to take off the weight.

Right now, I'm roughly 170 lbs, and docs want me at at LEAST 150 because of my diabetes and heart disease.  At 5'7" most people don't see my weight as an issue, but I know what I need to fix, what I need to do and how to do it.  It's the actual "doing" part where I'm majorly lacking in.  This upcoming semester I will be taking a course called "Current Trends in Exercise and Fitness- Aging Well Across the Life Span".  This course comes with an ebook called the Fitness Professional Handbook as well as a regular  book called "Motivating People to Be Physically Active" I made a joke on my personal Facebook page to friends on how I need to apply that book to myself first.  Sometimes it depresses me that I have all these resources available to me, and can't seem to adjust in making exercise a priority in my life.  I live on an Air Force base, with tons of ladies that work out and keep fit.  There's fully stocked gym less than a mile from my home!  WHY CAN'T I DO THIS?!?!

I know it will take time and effort, and I need to make it a priority in my life.  I know I need to do it for my future career goals.  No one wants to go see a chubby nutritionist!  I want to inspire others, just as others have inspired me.  From reading my blog, you know I'm not one for shakes and diet pills or restrictive diets. I truly believe they are a quick fix, and although some learn and maintain a healthy lifestyle after using these methods as a kick start, lifetime changes come from within one's own beliefs of what optimal health is to them, and I personally don't recall seeing shakes and pills on the nutrition pyramid growing up.  It's back to basics for me.  Diet and exercise.  I love my BeachBody workouts, and even got the P.I.N.K. Method workouts to try out.  And unless I'm deficient in a vitamin or mineral, there's really no use for shakes or supplements.  The one thing I've been trying to do more of is drink water and cut the diet soda.  This is my worst habit when it comes to my diet.

Anyway, enough rambling.  Time to get back on track, motivate myself and get at least that first 20 lbs off and work on 140 and building some muscle!  You all have a great day!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Autism Awareness Bracelet

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yeah - I'm Getting Insane!

Tomorrow starts my 1st day back on the path of most resistance.  Getting my body in shape!  I've been  maintaining my weight, even losing a few pounds this past year, but I need to crank it up, and get some lean muscle!  I was walking with my family yesterday during the oddly mild and beautiful day out and it proved to me that I really have let myself go exercise wise.  Working at home, being with my Bug (who just turned 1 yr on the 25th of February.. yay Buggy!!) and going to school online, you can imagine where most of my day is spent.  On the floor sitting, playing, or at my desk on my computer with work and school.  Not much physical activity going on in this house.

I know a lot of Beachbody coaches, but none have I known longer than Josie from  I saw her through other fitness and health blogs back in 2009 when I started losing weight (I mean REALLY losing weight) for the first time since having my first son almost 14 years ago.  I think she was just starting out back then too, but what an inspiration!  Now, I haven't signed up to be a coach or anything, because like I told Josie, as a nutrition student, it's hard for me to grasp the Shakeology thing, but I did order Insanity from her and next month, I may look into doing the coach thing, to get my P90X and discounts.  I personally would use the shake as a booster after a workout and not a meal replacement.  I've blogged before about my stance on learning and teaching nutrition, instead of expecting some shake to do it for you.  But I digress...

I'm looking forward to starting Insanity in the morning and knocking my Monday out of the park.  I know if I don't get up, stretch and do it first thing while the Bug is either sleeping, or still in a good mood, my day will get away from me, and I'm not working out at 9pm at night, when my body is winding down for the day, ready to rest.

Well, wish me luck.  I will be taking "before" photos, but most likely won't be posting those anytime soon, but hope to have both up for results soon.

If you've never checked out Josie over at, I highly suggest you do!  She's real, and her sense of humor will have you laughing in tears at times.  What a great inspiration! Love ya girl!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing all of you love, peace, joy and good health!!

~ Cheryl 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wear Red Friday!

This campaign is dear to me.  Why?  Because at 38 yrs of age and being a type 1 diabetic, I found out last year during an ultrasound while pregnant that I had plaque build up in my arteries.  It is so important to exercise, eat right, and be health conscious within our every day lives.  Please show your support and wear red today, February 3rd.  For more information, visit the American Heart Association.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I want YOU!!!

That's right!  I will be starting interviews and I need YOU!  Use it to promote your fitness regimen, your diet, the exercises you love, the products you use, the company you may endorse.  I want to hear from you!

Just click HERE and fill our your contact information with a little bit about yourself and your health, fitness and lifestyle passions!!  I will respond and ask what type of format you would like, either emailed interview with a list of questions, in a chat forum back and forth, or over the phone!  It's up to you!

Let me be YOUR advertisement!  Let others learn about what you do to keep yourself fit, healthy and happy!  Contact me today!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cherishable Mom

Hey all, just a quick note, as I'm finishing up with my move, and getting some last minute things done.  Since this blog is going to be primarily about health & fitness, I've created a more personal blog that incorporates all that I do.  Health & Fitness, my businesses and well, just ME!

It's called Cherishable Mom and remember, you can always follow me on FacebookPinterest and Twitter!!!

Have a great week!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Power of Juicing

Feeling fat, sick and nearly dead?  Well, that's the title of the documentary that I watched last week that focuses on the power of micronutrients in fruits and vegetables and has started a reboot revolution!  Joe Cross's film Fat Sick and Nearly Dead focuses on the power of health and weight loss through juice fasting.  A way of "rebooting" your body and your life.

I found it very down to earth, refreshing, and eye opening on how lax people are about their own health and well being.  They would sooner take tons of prescriptions and live obese than give up fast, fat, sugary, salty unhealthy food.  "Might as well die happy" I believe one them said.

Happy?  When your body begins to fight back by shutting down your kidneys and you end up on dialysis?  Happy?  When you have to find creative ways to wash yourself, get around or even dress?  Happy?  When you are reliant on friends and family because you can't do anything for yourself?  Yeah.. sounds like a happy life to me!

Others had the position that they had healthy family members that died of cancer.  What was their healthy?  Cancer doesn't discriminate, and I'm sorry, I personally would want my body healthy before trying to beat cancer.  Fat cells surely are not the cure!

Anyway, the hubs and I are going to be adding these power juices to our lives.  While we may not fast on "just juice", we both agree this is definitely a wonder way to get all the extra nutrients that come from fruits and vegetables in a single serving.

The website for this film also has a support group or as they call a "Juicing Community" at  Definitely, a film worth watching.  (Already watched it twice in a week!  lol)

A bonus for my readers...
Click HERE to download 25 healthy juice recipes!  I received this as a free gift and am sharing these tasty juicing recipes with all of you!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Got the New Year Blues?

Got the January blues?  The first few days and even weeks of taking on a new diet and lifestyle can get to you.  Many of us are going back to work after having time off for friends and family, and sometimes it's hard to get back into our routines.  Not only that, some have had weeks of indulging in foods they barely eat all year, and they've been on overload of not only the fatty, sweet, sugary foods, but most likely upped their intake of alcohol as well!

I know for myself, I traveled to Pennsylvania for two weeks for the Thanksgiving holiday, and traveled to Florida with the baby alone the weekend before Christmas.  So much traveling and time with the family and my hubby, and now, it's all back to basics.

I came across this article with some hope in "curing" those January blues.  It gives a great list of certain foods to make sure you incorporate in your diet, not only listing them, but getting to the heart of WHY these foods will work for you!

Check out the article here:  The January Blues Diet: What to Eat & Why

TGIF!!  Have a great weekend!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolve to Change - One Step at a Time

Well, it's the New Year, 2012, and on top of most people's resolution list... you guessed it... LOSE WEIGHT!

The biggest challenge that people find is that they try to go all out in January, majorly change their eating habits, join the gym, and try to make all these drastic changes to their life all at once.  This is why most fail at losing weight, because it's too much, too soon, and most get discouraged within the first two months of the year, and get that "screw this!" mentality.

Why not try making small changes?  Add them one step at a time.  Maybe resolve to start walking after your main meal each day.  Or start by switching soda to water.  The next week, try to get more veggies in your diet.  Taking small steps in changing your lifestyle not only make it easier to work into your day to day routine, small changes can stick better, and by summer/fall, all those small changes you've made, you can look back and see how much change you've actually made and stuck with.

Best of luck to all of you in this new year!!  You can do it and all it just takes one step at a time.  I leave you with this quote I posted on my FB page today....

“All you can change is yourself, but sometimes that changes everything!”— Gary W. Goldstein