Friday, January 6, 2012

Got the New Year Blues?

Got the January blues?  The first few days and even weeks of taking on a new diet and lifestyle can get to you.  Many of us are going back to work after having time off for friends and family, and sometimes it's hard to get back into our routines.  Not only that, some have had weeks of indulging in foods they barely eat all year, and they've been on overload of not only the fatty, sweet, sugary foods, but most likely upped their intake of alcohol as well!

I know for myself, I traveled to Pennsylvania for two weeks for the Thanksgiving holiday, and traveled to Florida with the baby alone the weekend before Christmas.  So much traveling and time with the family and my hubby, and now, it's all back to basics.

I came across this article with some hope in "curing" those January blues.  It gives a great list of certain foods to make sure you incorporate in your diet, not only listing them, but getting to the heart of WHY these foods will work for you!

Check out the article here:  The January Blues Diet: What to Eat & Why

TGIF!!  Have a great weekend!!

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