Monday, August 19, 2013

Before Workout Goodies

The body needs to have energy to move and do things that is required of it.  Energy sources come from the three macronutrients - carbohydrates, proteins and fats.  Carbohydrates are the number one and most important and essential source of energy for the body.  Carbohydrates work in the body more effectively in sports, working out and exercise than protein and fat because it can be metabolized aerobically as well as anaerobically.  They give a more overall steady source, and should be 70% of a competitive and training regimen and diet.  Here are some great ideas to help kickstart your workouts (click picture to enlarge):

Fink, H., Burgoon, L., & Mikesky, A. (2009) Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition (2nd Edition). Sudbury, MA.  Jones and Barlett Publishers.  

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy 40th to Me!

In the years to come, when one son moves onto college, while the other finally enters kindergarten, I want to look back and see my 40th birthday as a major turning point in my life.  There have been so many things going on with me and my little family in the past few months that only a few handful of people know about, and the stress and the depression got to me.  My food addiction took over and I went up in weight and enough in size that things I just bought in spring no longer fit me.  It's a harsh reality, but it's also one that I need to quit complaining about and doing something about.  It's all about putting my knowledge, desire and passion into action for myself.  Helping others is awesome, but putting myself on the backburner while doing so isn't good for my health, my well-being, nor my family.

I started Les Mills Combat yesterday and I started tearing up during my workout because I could feel and hear fat slapping on fat.  Maybe that's a little TMI, but it was enough to trigger such disappointment and emotion in me to make me cry.  It can take a lot to make me cry, and when most see me cry, it's usually for joy, and not because I'm feeling sorry for myself.

Today I feel a renewed energy and have set goals for myself.  Workout goals, nutrition goals and making time for myself to better my health and stop worrying about everyone else.  I need to stop rewarding myself with food.  Being diabetic with other health issues, it's really not something that helps me.  I can be my own worst enemy, even with all my training and education, having a food addiction can screw all that up for me.

Here's to becoming a new me - one that's more focused, fit, and uses food for fuel and not feeding feelings!!  Look out 40!!!  I'm gonna kick some ass this year!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Meatless with the Mostest

Making meatless dishes isn't that difficult.  In fact a lot of dishes that I find are quick and simple and taste amazing!

I subscribe to Cooking Light, so not only do I get their magazines, but I get emailed links to some great recipes and this has to be one of the best compilations of meatless recipes that I have found in a long time.  No need to search the internet for them, when there are 100 Crazy-Good Vegetarian Recipes right here!!

You can just browse through and click on the recipe you'd like to try out for yourself or your family!!  It's easy!

Hope you have a fabulous Monday and an awesome week!


Friday, August 2, 2013

Cutting Haters Out

There seems to be a growing trend when it comes to people who start to achieve weight loss success.  Hateful, spiteful and sometimes just plain venomous words spewing onto people's posts, blogs, and photos of weight loss success, and some are even worse when it comes to woman that are gaining muscle while slimming down.  I know I see it all over social media.  Telling women they are too skinny, "eat a burger", making rude comments when they show off their new bodies in bikinis they never thought they could wear.

Keyboard cowboys that hide behind fake profiles, pictures and names are not my focus here.  I personally give no regard to people that I will never meet, nor will I allow them to have any impact whatsoever in my life, what I DO find appalling is that a lot of the comments are coming from friends and even family.

I have recently mentioned on some of my own posts on GetGlue, the show Extreme Makeover has really been getting under my skin the past few weeks.  Not only do some of the family members, but the mothers of the women trying to better themselves have been met with backlash, snide and snarky remarks, as well as just plain mean comments regarding the person's body, food consumption, how they work out and even telling them there's nothing wrong with them.  Nothing wrong?  Since when is being over 300 lbs right?  Since when is trying to sabotage someone's success, degrading and belittling them while they struggle on their journey to health and fitness right?  I have to say, it truly upset and disgusted me that these people were supposed to be the "support" system!

There are also some friends on social media where I have seen nasty comments that have been deleted.  When someone loses weight and wants to show it off, who are we to judge?  There are people like myself that find it inspirational and motivating.  Those that claim to be annoyed by it, I say... there is an unfollow, unfriend or even hide buttons if you don't wish to share in the joy and excitement someone has in regards to their weight loss, or even in maintaining that loss.  Those pictures taken during or after workouts, or in their smaller outfits to show muscle tone are their own motivation.  It's a visual confirmation to them of their own personal success.  It may even be there way of showing themselves accountability in what they want, what they've achieved and the next level they wish to take it to.

Certain people seemed to be threatened by others' successes, and if their nasty self shows through, we have to be strong enough to keep them at a distance, even if that means family and former friends.  I may be difficult, but keeping yourself surrounded by those that share in the joy of your success and are a positive influence on your new lifestyle can be the key to continued success.

You deserve a full and healthy life and anyone that isn't on-board needs to eventually drift away.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Downsides to the Quick Fix

There are many of us that have heard of the professor that did the "Twinkie Diet" and others like the controversial HCG Diet.  The thing that gets me so upset about both of these diets, and many like them, is they are both based on the well known fact of burning more calories than consumed will help you lose weight.  "Calories In, Calories Out".   In the Twinkie Diet, he ate 1800 calories of junk food, where as a man his size should be consuming 2200-2300 calories a day, so there is a deficit in calories.  Just like the HCG Diet starts its followers with only a 500 calorie a day diet.  That's right... 500 calories.  Let it be known that anything under 1200 calories in a day is considered starvation, but people seem to want to follow anything if it advertises quick weight loss.  It's simple math.  They are eating less calories than it takes for the body to function normally on a day to day basis, so they lose weight.

I guess what really upsets me is that there are people who are educated and within the health and nutrition field of study are the ones that are putting this ridiculousness out there.  The long term effects of these diets are, in my opinion, not worth the quick results.  Most will gain the weight back, some gain even more than they lost, and some will go to drastic measures to maintain what they have lost because they did not learn proper diet and exercise requirements for their body.  The risks to these types of crazy diets can include:
  • Deficiency in vital vitamins and minerals
  • Improper function of digestive and endocrine systems
  • Deterioration of muscle and bone mass
  • Extremely low and/or high blood glucose levels
So basically, on top of losing weight with no exercise, these people are starving their muscles, starving their body of proper nutrition, while their body goes to crap, along with their skin, hair, nails, teeth and bones.  Sounds awesome doesn't it?  

I have always said there ARE NO QUICK FIXES!  You have to work at it with proper diet and exercise.  Anything that tells you to eat less than 1200 calores - NO!  Anything that says to eat whatever you want and you don't have to exercise - NO!  Anything that makes claims of fat blockage - NO!   Fat is and should be a part of your diet, as fat, carbohydrates and protein are the basis of caloric values and nutrients.  If your nutritionist or doctor suggests any of these types of weight loss gimmicks, I personally would really question who or what is paying them to suggest it, because there is nothing "healthy" about them.

Anyway, rant for the day done.  Slow, Steady & Strong.  Have a great day!