Sunday, March 27, 2022

My Health Update

So crazy that it has been almost 5 years since I last posted on this blog.  So many things have changed.  We moved to Florida since my husband retired from the Air Force, and my body has done nothing but deceived me the last almost 4 years we've been here.  From infected cysts that made me go bald the first year, to gangrene and necrotic death of my toes on my right foot, to infection of that which caused me to have a toe amputation, which led to a full TMA (trans metatarsal amputation) = all toes gone.  That took 3 separate surgeries.  Because of poor circulation, I had 4 surgeries on my right leg's main artery to include, one balloon, one with stents, one artificial bypass, and one again to try to stent.  All failed.  These were all done between July - September 2020.  With a lot of slow healing, my foot was almost closed up until an incident at work caused my foot to open up this past August 2021, and it hasn't healed up, and now the wound became infected, which also infected my bones.

Wednesday I was admitted to start IV antibiotics.  By Friday I went in to have my fifth metatarsal bone excised, as well as a majority of my fourth metatarsal.  The doc also removed tendon that turned necrotic and was not even attached anymore.  Basically, I have a huge deep hole of nothing on the bottom/outer portion of my right foot. Tomorrow I will have an angiogram to check for possible vascular solutions to increase blood flow to my wound to heal.  Whatever they find out tomorrow will determine what type of surgery they can do, whether using my own veins from my right and/or left leg to get blood flowing down.  Depending on how this all goes, we may then talk about my getting a BKA - below knee amputation.  

This way I can possibly heal quicker, get a prosthesis, and start having some type of quality of life, instead of being bound to not being able to walk far, or at all with a foot I'm not supposed to put weight on for months on end.

So, having dealt with all this insanity for almost 2 years, as this started just 2 months after all this covid craziness hit, has been hard on my mental health.  Fake it til you make it, right?  I'll keep trucking along.  I have too many littles that depend on me to quit fighting.  The most important ones call me 'Mom'.