Monday, June 29, 2009

Saying Sorry in Advance...

Why? Because I'm quitting smoking, and already know what a nasty, irritable bitch I will be to those that see me the most often.. LOL. Of course today is my first day, and yes, it's hard to quit, as I've been really focusing on it all morning, so that makes it pretty tough. Plus, I already feel the "nic-fit" as my heart is pounding in my chest, as my addicted self is craving a smoke. Yes, anyone can list tons and tons of reasons why smoking is bad, and I used to just reply "I love living dangerously!" It was my way of avoiding negative confrontation about it. I know later today will come the shaking I've gotten the numerous times before. This was usually the time I broke down and bought a pack (or when other's that lived with me got me one cause I was too insane to deal with.. lol) I have to do it this time. I seriously just can't AFFORD it anymore. When I think about the money I've wasted over the last 20+ years of smoking, it makes me crazy. I was hooked in my early teens, and it just seems to get worse and worse, and with the price increasing steadily over the years, it's not something I'm willing to go into debt over because of this stupid, idiotic habit. Every time I've tried to quit, I went back to it, smoking more than I did before! It's crazy. I know in a smoking cessation I took years ago, they said when you get the urge, do some exercise, because it will increase your heart rate and give you that "rush" as it releases some of the same endorphins that smoking does. Not sure how that's going to work AT work, but I'm sure I can think of things to get my mind off.

Anywho, I'm rambling. Wish me luck, or steer clear of me! hahaha! Have a great week!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lioness Me


Missing him

I haven't really felt like writing in a while, because I've been pretty down since Liam left. I even put off calling him last week, and waited until this past Sunday, and even then, I had to let him go because I started to cry, and didn't want him to hear me, or feel guilty or sad for me. Luckily work has been busy, and there's been a lot going on on the weekends. Sunday between calling my dad for Father's Day, and knowing how much he's missing Mark. They spent the day with Mark's daughter Hannah, who had to jump on the phone with me and catch me up on all the latest stuff she's been doing. My dad seems very sympathetic to Liam moving to his father's, and broken down crying on the phone to me last week as well. I know it comes from a place where he knows how short life can be, and I should be embracing every moment I can with Liam, because you never know what can happen.

Some of my friends have sent emails, text messages and such checking up on me last week. I guess I'm a pretty strong individual, and when it comes to matters with my son, I'm pretty vulnerable. I'm sure there are a lot of people like that. Most see me as the type of person that can get through anything. A lot have never heard or seen me cry. I'm a baby when it comes to my kid. Hell, my eyes are watering just writing this.

I need to get out of this funk and get back to working out everyday, as right now, it's just been sparatic, and nothing really challenging. I'm not gaining, but I'm not losing. Been taking our new puppy Bear and dog Maddie for walks around the neighborhood a lot. Helps calm them down in the evening, and the more I walk them, the better they are at keeping in line. Gives me something to do.

Oh well, before I start really sounding down and depressed, I'm gonna get back to work here. Hope everyone had a nice weekend, and enjoys this week. Ciao for now!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Do You Have the Right Attitude?

By Jillian Michaels

Do you have what it takes to reach your weight-loss goals? If you think it's all about diet and exercise, you're wrong.

It sounds crazy, I know. Exercise and a proper diet are crucial to all weight-loss and fitness programs. But to reach any long-term goal — especially one that requires a major lifestyle change — you need to improve your attitude too. You can have all the external support in the world, but if your self-esteem is in the toilet, you'll never have long-term success.

Having the right attitude is so important because thought is behavior. The power of the mind is total — the way you think about yourself manifests as your reality. We all know how easily negative thoughts can lead to lack of confidence, hopelessness, and depression. You've heard about self-fulfilling prophecy, right? Well, if you tell yourself that you'll always be fat or you'll never find happiness, chances are you'll end up fat and unhappy. Hey, it makes sense.

Okay then, let's turn that scenario around. Tell yourself that you can get fit and you will be happy. It's that simple. You can master your own fate with positive thinking!

Test Yourself

To see whether your thoughts are predominantly positive or negative, test yourself. It sounds extreme, but you only need to do it once: Carry a small notebook around for an entire day. Each time a thought about yourself pops into your head, write it down and assess whether it's positive or negative. At the end of the day, tally your positive and negative thoughts. Even if you already suspect you lean toward the negative, seeing those thoughts on paper might give you the kick you need! When you change your attitude, you'll change your life.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rise Above

When you are not satisfied with the available answers, ask the question in a different way. When none of the options will do, look at the situation from a new perspective.

If you are stuck, then it's time to get creative. Know that there are myriad possibilities you have never even considered yet.

You cannot solve a problem when your mind is wrapped tightly around it. For the more effort you make, the more power you give to the problem.

Dwelling on the problem will not get you past it. Focus instead on your purpose.

Let go of your thoughts about what you must go through. Fill your awareness with compelling visions of why you have chosen to go where you seek to go.

Unleash your imagination and tap into the positive power of intention. Rise above where you are and see your way clearly to where you know you must be.

-- Ralph Marston

Read more:

Friday, June 12, 2009

5 Dieting Excuses You Can Beat Today

by Ali Hale

Are you putting off getting started on a healthy diet? Are you forever waiting until Monday, until all the stars are aligned, or until there are five weekends in the month?

It's always easy to come up with reasons to avoid getting going with a healthy eating or weight-loss plan. But all too often, these reasons are really just excuses. Take these five, for example...

1. I've got a party in two weeks, then a vacation. I'll start dieting after that...

Beat the excuse: If you eat sensibly and healthily for two weeks, you'll enjoy the party more (and you'll be in a better frame of mind to make good food/drink choices there). Even if you always gain a little weight on vacation, don't spend the weeks beforehand gaining weight too!

2. I don't have any willpower. If there are snacks in the house, I'll eat them.

Beat the excuse: All of us have willpower - and the "willpower muscle" gets stronger the more we exercise it. If you do find self-discipline a struggle, simply clear the snack foods out of the house, or at least put them somewhere inconvenient. This makes it much harder to succumb to impulse!

3. I can't afford to eat healthily.

Beat the excuse: Come on, you know this one isn't true. You needn't pay for expensive "diet" foods - stick to sensible basics like lean meat, wholegrains and fruit and veggies. You can get your five-a-day for less than $1.50. Skip your usual Starbucks coffee, and you'll have saved enough for your daily fruit and veggies.

4. I can't cook (or don't have time to cook) ... so I eat out a lot, and there's never a healthy option.

Beat the excuse: Learn to cook! Get hold of a student cookbook and teach yourself how to make some simple healthy basics, like a tomato-based pasta sauce. It's really not difficult, and many dishes take only minutes to prepare. If time is really an issue, try making big batches that can be frozen in individual portions.

5. I've been overweight all my life, and I don't think I can change.

Beat the excuse: However long you've been overweight, you can successfully change your habits. Take it one step at a time, and don't chase instant results. Aim for establishing one new healthy habit each week, such as cutting your soda intake or getting your five fruit and veg portions each day.

What's your favorite dieting excuse? How have you beaten it?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's all about motivation

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing -- that's why we recommend it daily." - Zig Ziglar

I saw this quote in an email I received the other day, and it totally makes sense. It's amazing that for most of us, there are certain things that are a part of everyday life that were taught to us growing up... dress ourselves, brush our teeth, bathe, etc. They are daily things that we don't give much thought to, because they were done daily, everyday, for our entire lives. Why haven't we picked up that type of life lession when it comes to motivation? Motivation to get healthy, exercise every day, go for that better job, better education, better life that we all so desire?

People use daily mantra's sometimes to get through things and to stay focused on their goals. Do you have a motivational mantra you'd like to share? What motivates you? Is it a person? Is it something in your life? Daily motivation is hard to find sometimes, but it's always there in some way, shape or form. Find it and own it!!

Have a great hump day!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

and it's over...

Life's been crazy this past month. We've had a lot of shit happen at work that has caused our agency to pick up the slack for the territories surrounding us. With it just being me and bossman in the office, it's been pretty demanding, especially since the bossman is out of the office taking care of clients that are over an hour away from the office. It's backing me up on my own routine office tasks, and it's almost making me dread going to work, cuz I hate looking at the backup of paperwork.

I worked out with Eric Friday for a bit, and it felt great, but I realized how bad I've been slacking on getting to the gym. It's almost like a no-win situation. I know heading to the gym will help relieve the stress, but on the flipside, I'm so mentally drained, I just want to head home, and relax it away. It's a vicious cycle, and one I intend on breaking.

Saturday was fun from beginning to end, even though I totally went overboard with my "free day". We headed to the local amusement park for my son's school annual picnic, and I was sore from working out with Eric, so it was a trial walking around the park. I did a lot of squats and ab work, and my muscles KILLED! I totally pigged out too. Cheeseburger, cheese fries, waffle cone with peanut butter swirl ice cream and whipped cream... mmmmmmmm. I was in junk food heaven. We came home, and I napped for a while, knowing I promised friends I'd be out for the UGTV show at Aldo's. I got ready and headed out. Some great bands played, so it was a nice time seeing some ppl I haven't seen in a month or more. I haven't been going to karaoke on Wednesday nights because of needing my rest, but promised to be out when I can. I wasn't going to drink, but alas, I gave into the free feeling of finally being out with friends, and had more than I wanted. I wasn't drunk or anything, I'm talking more empty calories than I wished upon myself, especially after all the crap I had at the amusement park. Oh well, just another reason to get back on track with everything and whip my body into shape and lose the weight I want and need to.

Today was a blah day. Nothing really to report. I did find out something that ticked me off, but I'm sure it will go no further, cuz if it does, I'll be working out my aggressions for sure. Only this time I might end up cutting my fist on braces. Seems there's a gal that doesn't know how to shut her yap, and enjoys making enemies as she goes along through life. Although I know and understand it's just 20-something year old insecurities and jealousies, we all need life changing moments don't we? Something to wake us up and smack us in the face right? *grin*

Anywho, hope y'all had a great weekend! *smooches* It's over now.. time to get back to the grind.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Want to Save Your Life

Tonight when flipping through the channels on the tv, I came across "I Want to Save Your Life" on WEtv. They were running what looked like a mini-marathon of half hour stories on people looking to change their lives. I might have heard of the show in the background of commercials some time ago, but never sought out to watch it. I'm glad I came upon it tonight.

The show's "guru" is Charles Stuart Plankin JD. MPH who is one of the country's leading nutrition and public health advocates, whose syndicated health, nutrition and fitness column appears in more than 100 daily newspapers nationally. Platkin is also the founder of, a nutrition, food, fitness and wellness resource.

What I loved about this show was his simple approach. First, he "spies" on the people, evaluating their eating habits, lifestyle habits and personalities. Then he spends just ONE week with them, helping them feel better from the inside out, and getting them to THINK before they EAT. He gives them the fitness and nutritional tools they need to start their journey, and then comes back 4 months later to check their progress. This is real life at it's best people. The slow, steady, REAL LIFE changes that encourage people to stay on course and achieve their weight loss goals. Helping them feel better about themselves and the changes they can make in their own lives to IMPROVE their lives, physically and mentally.

I'm a junky for these kind of shows. I love getting inspired with that "if they can do it, I can do it" mentality. These are people that started off bigger than I was 10 years ago, but they are succeeding at their own pace, and not giving up. If you ever get a chance, check it out on WEtv (check here for local times thoughout the week) or watch the mini-marathon that airs again Thursday, June 4th between 8 and 12 midnight EST.

Great "No Excuse" Links

Since life's been hectic this week, I'm going to leave you with two posts from some great online inspirations of mine. Two awesome women that I encourage you to bookmark and check out from time to time for some great advice and great posts and information.

First one is from the blog Yum Yucky. The one that rocked my morning today was Fitness FAIL! 4 Reasons the Scale is Stuck on Stupid. Josie is a straight shooter, with great little tips, and she also does reviews on "health" and "diet" foods, giving you her and her family's blunt, honest opinions on things, along with nutritional information.

The next is a friend I've mentioned before, Jody - Fit at 51 and her post called 10 Essentials to a Bathing Suit Body. Tackles a lot of things to get that boost to look your best this summer. Check out her blog for great workout tips, advice, as well as fitness and health articles.

Have a great hump day!! And like the theme song to The Biggest Loser.. "What have you done today to make you feel proud?"

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mini Pitt Getaway

This weekend, I had such an amazing time. Having had a lot of stress lately, both financial and personal, MJ picked me up and we headed out to spend the afternoon in Pittsburgh on Saturday to attend an event that evening. It was so great to catch up with some old friends, and meet some girlfriends that I've only had the opportunity to exchanging pleasantries online with. It was so wonderful and I just want to thank my friends, Michael and Tracey, as well as the TNG, for having such a great place and holding such a wonderful event. Everyone was so full of life and so friendly and outgoing, and I had an amazing time. I look forward to coming out and seeing everyone again (when life allows.. lol) Besides, I cherish any time I get to spend with MJ. Just the two of us.

We did head back a little early, and I met up with Crusher and some friends for a late-late dinner/early-early breakfast at Denny's. Sunday was a bust, as I was so worn out and tired from being up almost 24 hrs the day before. But, it's back to life, back to reality, and back to doing what needs to be done. Ahhh, the joys of being an adult! LOL

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!