Sunday, June 7, 2009

and it's over...

Life's been crazy this past month. We've had a lot of shit happen at work that has caused our agency to pick up the slack for the territories surrounding us. With it just being me and bossman in the office, it's been pretty demanding, especially since the bossman is out of the office taking care of clients that are over an hour away from the office. It's backing me up on my own routine office tasks, and it's almost making me dread going to work, cuz I hate looking at the backup of paperwork.

I worked out with Eric Friday for a bit, and it felt great, but I realized how bad I've been slacking on getting to the gym. It's almost like a no-win situation. I know heading to the gym will help relieve the stress, but on the flipside, I'm so mentally drained, I just want to head home, and relax it away. It's a vicious cycle, and one I intend on breaking.

Saturday was fun from beginning to end, even though I totally went overboard with my "free day". We headed to the local amusement park for my son's school annual picnic, and I was sore from working out with Eric, so it was a trial walking around the park. I did a lot of squats and ab work, and my muscles KILLED! I totally pigged out too. Cheeseburger, cheese fries, waffle cone with peanut butter swirl ice cream and whipped cream... mmmmmmmm. I was in junk food heaven. We came home, and I napped for a while, knowing I promised friends I'd be out for the UGTV show at Aldo's. I got ready and headed out. Some great bands played, so it was a nice time seeing some ppl I haven't seen in a month or more. I haven't been going to karaoke on Wednesday nights because of needing my rest, but promised to be out when I can. I wasn't going to drink, but alas, I gave into the free feeling of finally being out with friends, and had more than I wanted. I wasn't drunk or anything, I'm talking more empty calories than I wished upon myself, especially after all the crap I had at the amusement park. Oh well, just another reason to get back on track with everything and whip my body into shape and lose the weight I want and need to.

Today was a blah day. Nothing really to report. I did find out something that ticked me off, but I'm sure it will go no further, cuz if it does, I'll be working out my aggressions for sure. Only this time I might end up cutting my fist on braces. Seems there's a gal that doesn't know how to shut her yap, and enjoys making enemies as she goes along through life. Although I know and understand it's just 20-something year old insecurities and jealousies, we all need life changing moments don't we? Something to wake us up and smack us in the face right? *grin*

Anywho, hope y'all had a great weekend! *smooches* It's over now.. time to get back to the grind.


  1. THIS my dear, is where some MuscleSpeed might come in handy. Or even a strong cup of joe.

    I've found this: When you're mentally drained (like did a shit load of office type work all day) but not physically drained, you can find a way around and have a blast in the gym. You just have to get started.

    When you're physically drained... that seeps over. Then you start to become mentally drained - something MUCH harder to "turn around" from.


  2. If you do decide to kick somebody's ass, please post some video. ;-)

  3. LOL Brant. no way! i don't need any evidence! hahaha

  4. Hey, kiddo.. sounds like lots going on there! I can see where the mental drainage comes in.. I remember those days & was thrilled when the 24 hour gyms started here because as tired as I am getting up when I do, it is better than the after work workouts were for me before & nothing to get in the way. Not sure if you have 24 hour gyms or you are even up to a very early workout but it sure is a way to start the day & nothing to stop you at the end.

    I do agree with FJ, though, once you get in there & started, things usually start to mesh & sometimes you can work out your aggressions of the day.. OR whatever that 20 something person is doing!

    Just jump back into to it Cher & I am sure Eric will be there on your tail!!!

  5. Hey Cher! Work stress sucks doesn't it. Keep your chin up, it'll get better! I agree with FJ and Jody, work out that frustration at the gym. Just bring the mp3, crank the tunes and let the squat rack have it! ;)

  6. Hi Cher! Well that was a whirlwind of a report! Being mentally drained is the worst. Could you do something like get to a serene place, like a nice park, and just quiet your mind to refresh yourself?

    Forget the screws up. It's all about making today great! I hope yours is great!

  7. Life can take over and be overwhelming. Hang in there and we are here if ya need us.


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