Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy 40th to Me!

In the years to come, when one son moves onto college, while the other finally enters kindergarten, I want to look back and see my 40th birthday as a major turning point in my life.  There have been so many things going on with me and my little family in the past few months that only a few handful of people know about, and the stress and the depression got to me.  My food addiction took over and I went up in weight and enough in size that things I just bought in spring no longer fit me.  It's a harsh reality, but it's also one that I need to quit complaining about and doing something about.  It's all about putting my knowledge, desire and passion into action for myself.  Helping others is awesome, but putting myself on the backburner while doing so isn't good for my health, my well-being, nor my family.

I started Les Mills Combat yesterday and I started tearing up during my workout because I could feel and hear fat slapping on fat.  Maybe that's a little TMI, but it was enough to trigger such disappointment and emotion in me to make me cry.  It can take a lot to make me cry, and when most see me cry, it's usually for joy, and not because I'm feeling sorry for myself.

Today I feel a renewed energy and have set goals for myself.  Workout goals, nutrition goals and making time for myself to better my health and stop worrying about everyone else.  I need to stop rewarding myself with food.  Being diabetic with other health issues, it's really not something that helps me.  I can be my own worst enemy, even with all my training and education, having a food addiction can screw all that up for me.

Here's to becoming a new me - one that's more focused, fit, and uses food for fuel and not feeding feelings!!  Look out 40!!!  I'm gonna kick some ass this year!


  1. You are awesome. Don't ever forget it! :-)

  2. Cher, despite the issues you had during Combat, you're a beautiful woman and strong enough bring about the changes you want in your life.

    1. Thanks Josie. Not sure why I'm not getting my updates, but I appreciate your support over the years :) I need to find that inner strength and pull it out!!


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