Friday, August 2, 2013

Cutting Haters Out

There seems to be a growing trend when it comes to people who start to achieve weight loss success.  Hateful, spiteful and sometimes just plain venomous words spewing onto people's posts, blogs, and photos of weight loss success, and some are even worse when it comes to woman that are gaining muscle while slimming down.  I know I see it all over social media.  Telling women they are too skinny, "eat a burger", making rude comments when they show off their new bodies in bikinis they never thought they could wear.

Keyboard cowboys that hide behind fake profiles, pictures and names are not my focus here.  I personally give no regard to people that I will never meet, nor will I allow them to have any impact whatsoever in my life, what I DO find appalling is that a lot of the comments are coming from friends and even family.

I have recently mentioned on some of my own posts on GetGlue, the show Extreme Makeover has really been getting under my skin the past few weeks.  Not only do some of the family members, but the mothers of the women trying to better themselves have been met with backlash, snide and snarky remarks, as well as just plain mean comments regarding the person's body, food consumption, how they work out and even telling them there's nothing wrong with them.  Nothing wrong?  Since when is being over 300 lbs right?  Since when is trying to sabotage someone's success, degrading and belittling them while they struggle on their journey to health and fitness right?  I have to say, it truly upset and disgusted me that these people were supposed to be the "support" system!

There are also some friends on social media where I have seen nasty comments that have been deleted.  When someone loses weight and wants to show it off, who are we to judge?  There are people like myself that find it inspirational and motivating.  Those that claim to be annoyed by it, I say... there is an unfollow, unfriend or even hide buttons if you don't wish to share in the joy and excitement someone has in regards to their weight loss, or even in maintaining that loss.  Those pictures taken during or after workouts, or in their smaller outfits to show muscle tone are their own motivation.  It's a visual confirmation to them of their own personal success.  It may even be there way of showing themselves accountability in what they want, what they've achieved and the next level they wish to take it to.

Certain people seemed to be threatened by others' successes, and if their nasty self shows through, we have to be strong enough to keep them at a distance, even if that means family and former friends.  I may be difficult, but keeping yourself surrounded by those that share in the joy of your success and are a positive influence on your new lifestyle can be the key to continued success.

You deserve a full and healthy life and anyone that isn't on-board needs to eventually drift away.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!


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