Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yeah - I'm Getting Insane!

Tomorrow starts my 1st day back on the path of most resistance.  Getting my body in shape!  I've been  maintaining my weight, even losing a few pounds this past year, but I need to crank it up, and get some lean muscle!  I was walking with my family yesterday during the oddly mild and beautiful day out and it proved to me that I really have let myself go exercise wise.  Working at home, being with my Bug (who just turned 1 yr on the 25th of February.. yay Buggy!!) and going to school online, you can imagine where most of my day is spent.  On the floor sitting, playing, or at my desk on my computer with work and school.  Not much physical activity going on in this house.

I know a lot of Beachbody coaches, but none have I known longer than Josie from  I saw her through other fitness and health blogs back in 2009 when I started losing weight (I mean REALLY losing weight) for the first time since having my first son almost 14 years ago.  I think she was just starting out back then too, but what an inspiration!  Now, I haven't signed up to be a coach or anything, because like I told Josie, as a nutrition student, it's hard for me to grasp the Shakeology thing, but I did order Insanity from her and next month, I may look into doing the coach thing, to get my P90X and discounts.  I personally would use the shake as a booster after a workout and not a meal replacement.  I've blogged before about my stance on learning and teaching nutrition, instead of expecting some shake to do it for you.  But I digress...

I'm looking forward to starting Insanity in the morning and knocking my Monday out of the park.  I know if I don't get up, stretch and do it first thing while the Bug is either sleeping, or still in a good mood, my day will get away from me, and I'm not working out at 9pm at night, when my body is winding down for the day, ready to rest.

Well, wish me luck.  I will be taking "before" photos, but most likely won't be posting those anytime soon, but hope to have both up for results soon.

If you've never checked out Josie over at, I highly suggest you do!  She's real, and her sense of humor will have you laughing in tears at times.  What a great inspiration! Love ya girl!


  1. I'm so proud of your, Cher. And I'm seriously stoked about following your Insanity journey. Totally open to doing virtual Insanity workouts with you as well. Just let me know! xo

  2. sounds good...i've put the books away for now, and the dvd is ready to go in the morning. don't want the infommercials to psyche me out! haha. thanks for always being there throughout the years and being a great inspiration and encouragement to me. i love those workouts too!

  3. Much luck, Cher.

    Remember when we were kids and I could never keep weight on? Now, I have the opposite problem. Ugh. Careful what you wish for.

  4. my weight has always been attributed to exercise. i was thin before i got to Laramie, and then Laramie didn't have sports, so i got a lil chunky, then in high school, really active, back to thin, and then right out of high school... 50 lbs in the first two years. of course the diabetes had a lot to do with that, but it was never found til i was prego with Liam. i just need to get my rear in gear. i've maintained by weight through diet, but i'm still at 173 lbs and should be at least in the 150's. My goal is 140.


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