Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Moving Forward...

It's a new day and a new chance to shine. Today was my consultation with my lawyer about my divorce, and I'm just feeling very positive, and hoping that everything will go smoothly. With a no fault, no contest divorce, it could be done and over with in 90 days. There's really nothing to "divide up" or split, so I just want my things and want to move on with my life. I have so many options ahead of me with job prospects, that I most likely won't be staying in Pennsylvania. Options include moving back home, moving up to Wisconsin, or even moving to Springfield, IL where there are opportunities at my company's home office.

People change, and I don't hate my husband at all. I wish him well, and would love nothing more to see him move on and do good for himself. Maybe find someone and have a family one day. I don't think ill of him, and I would hope after the initial anger and reaction, he will come to realize that I'm a genuine person that cares about the people in my life, him included. Just because you love someone doesn't mean it was "meant to be". I know some feel I should be spiteful and angry over certain things, but at the end of the day, it does my heart and soul no good to dwell on them.

My friends and family have been overly supportive and for that I thank them. The "Big D", as they refer to it as, is never easy, and makes us question so many things about ourselves. Our morals, character, convictions, personality, views, etc. If anything, I will move forward and make the most of whatever I do, or whoever I eventually decide to get involved with. I love life in that sense. You can CHOOSE to make a different life for yourself, and that's exactly what I'm doing.

By no means do I mean to "dump" anything on my friends and family, but between work, and all the things going on right now, I just wanted to apologize to all my online friends, who I felt I've abandoned by not keeping up with them. Time hasn't been my friend this month at ALL!! LOL. At the same time, a lot have asked what was going on, so there it is. Working both jobs, trying to make it to the gym, going out with friends, and now my premanent Karaoke/DJ gig on Saturday nights, life's been just a crazy high speed rollercoaster! But what a ride!!!

Be safe, be well, and be good to each other! *hugs*


  1. Keep enjoying that rollercoaster ride, Cher. Sounds like great things to come for you!!!! You are making them happen!

  2. Wow how things seem to be changing for all of us Huh? Strange isnt it? I have been worried about you... I didnt realize it was as crazy for you until I saw some stuffies on Fb...I love you bunches and miss you and wish you all the best and if you move I will miss the hell outta ya but that just means when I move to VA you need to vacation at MY BEACH hehehe sounds way better than coming back to this hell hole :) Love you Miss ya we need a night :) *HUGS*

  3. Cher,

    You're already on your way. As you said, divorce is never easy, but it seems to me that you've got the right mindset and you're making good choices for yourself. Hang in there and I know you'll be just fine. You're strong and you have handled worse and still come out on top.

    If you do end up back in the hometown shoot me a txt and we'll knock a few back and raise a toast to good friends and better times.

  4. thanks! i'm hoping things go smoothly, and that's really up to him.

    Tommy, i may have to hit you up for that drink. i made need one when all is said and done! lol

  5. Hey lady.....

    all that sucks. but it sounds like you are keeping a positive attitude about it all. and I'm glad to hear

    sucks that you may move.... if you do you MUST let us know ahead of time so we can take a day or so off and we can all go out and get shitfaced (we'll get a cab!)

    you know if ya need anything I'm only a phone call or text away (unless I'm at work then ya may have to wait for me to at least take a potty break to be able to answer back!)

    keep your head up girl!

  6. the world is your oyster, sweetie!

  7. Much love to you Cher! Your positive attitude is inspiring.

  8. It sounds like you're handling this really well, best of luck in whatever you decide to do. The world is wide open...


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