Thursday, July 8, 2010

Been a While...

I know it's been a while since I posted anything here on my blog, but to quickly recap, here are a few of the things that have been going on.

I just started my second week at Ross, and it's pretty good. The girls I work with are awesome, and the hours are such that it gives me most of my days and weekends to spend with Liam, who just flew in for 7 weeks on Saturday. The kid is growing like a weed, and even though his last doctor visit, said he was 5'7", either he grew more, or I'm shrinking because I'm 5'7" and he's taller than me!! Can't believe he's only 12! Scott and Liam are getting along fabulously, which is a good thing, because he really needs someone he can look up to and rely on, and Scott is definitely a great role model.

This past holiday weekend, we headed out to the Homedale Demolition Derby and had a blast! Great food, good times, and spent the day with our friends Marc & Andrea and their two boys. The demolition was killer, and they had a few spots inbetween the rounds where they had a dance competition for the kids, and it was hilarious! Liam didn't participate, but probably because he towered over all the kids, and would have felt like he stuck out. Either way, it was a fun time, and the fireworks display they set off was nice.

The wedding is coming up in 3 weeks, and I'm excited to see my parents, as well as Scott's mom, nephew and Gram. I bought the most beautiful gown, and I'm going to finally feel like a princess on my wedding day! I cannot wait!! We meet with the judge next week, and get our license and go over the ceremony. Man, does time fly or what??

Today is my sis and her hubby's 3rd anniversary, so a shout out to them on this and many more years of happiness together. I joked with Scott on how they got married on 07/07/07 and how we should have waited and got married on 10/10/10!! LOL Oh well... just wasn't in the cards. Besides, we both plan on starting up school in the fall. Well, I most likely will start in the fall, whereas he starts up working on his bachelors in August. I think from what I remember, he actually starts August 9th. It will be evening classes twice a week from 7-10pm, which is pretty late, but that's the class schedule for his History of Aviation class. There will be long days ahead for him, but I support him, and will work with him, and I'm sure while Liam's here, he'll get a kick out of learning some of the stuff too!

Other than that, things have been going great. We're trying to stick to a "no fast food" rule since I moved out here, which has been going really good, except for tacos one night last month, and I do think we broke down one evening and got McD's (boooo!!!) and then of course the food at the demolition on Sunday. I've been making breakfast, lunch and dinner from home every day, and with proportioned meals, I've finally been maintaining my weight, and my job at Ross is basically a 4 hour workout, as it's all stock, lifting, bending, stretching, walking the whole time. I'm almost at a point that it doesn't exhaust me, so then I'll be adding more. We go to the pool most nights, so that's a great workout too. (Well, for me & Liam anyway... Scott seems to enjoy the hot tub a bit more! hehehe!)

Well, hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend. With life being such a distraction, I haven't been on my blog or read blogs in a while, but I'm hoping to make a little time this weekend to catch up. It's supposed to be a hot weekend, so besides the pool, I can't see us doing much of anything in 98+ degree weather!! I feel bad for my friends on the east coast, like those that take I-55 in Chicago which, I saw on the news, buckled due to the extreme heat, and to my one friend in Baltimore whose office AC is broken until next week, and they can barely breathe in their office. It's just insane! You'd think they'd are about their employees health instead of their bottom line, but it's a government job, so... go figure!

That about wraps it up! Peace, Love and Reese's!!!


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  1. Wow Cher... sounds wonderful & a wedding coming up so soon!!!! Good luck! Very exciting!!!!


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