Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just a lil funny,,,

Just a little reminder to make sure you read labels, and see what you're really feeding yourself and your family. Have a good one :)



  1. I'm just now paying more attention. And I am appalled. I just switched to organic milk two days ago. The info on hormone-infused me makes me wanna hurl.

  2. I am a MAJOR label reader! :-)

    How is married life???

  3. Married life is good! Being pregnant hasn't been fun! My son was so easy, physically I barely knew I was pregnant until he started kicking. This one.. it must be a stubborn "make way" girl or something, because I've had a heck of a time with it so far! LOL

    Once my son heads back to his dad's, I'm hoping to jump back on more often, and catch up with all the blogs, articles and posts I KNOW I've been missing out on!

    Hope you both are enjoying your summer!!!!! *hugs*

  4. Such amazing shnages in your life!! Hang in there! Hugs!


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