Monday, November 1, 2010

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month

I know after October, some people are burnt out when it comes to an "awareness month", because we were bombarded with pink everything for breast cancer. Well, diabetes kills more people a year than breast cancer and AIDS COMBINED!!!

I would love to see more advocacy for diabetes, as there are people with type 1 that cannot control it, but a larger growing number is type 2, which IS controlable through weight, diet, and lifestyle.

To find out more about this epidemic killer, please visit the American Diabetes Association website at

You can also help fund diabetes research by buying your holiday gifts and cards through Gift of Hope. They have some beautiful cards and gifts, and each card expresses on the back what your purchase went to.

My pregnancy is going well, and we found out last Tuesday that we are having a baby boy! His name will be Dylan Thomas, and our families are just thrilled beyond words! My own diabetes is well under control this time around, as my last pregnancy, I had gestational diabetes (which developed into type 2) which caused me to gain 90 lbs during that pregnancy. This time around, I'm into my 5th month, and have barely gained 10 lbs so far. I'm so glad that I know about my disease ahead of time, and that it's under control.

School is going exceptionally well, as I'm averaging 100% in one class and a 98% in the other. I'm actually loving both classes. I'm currently taking Academic Stradegies for Health Care Professionals (my 100%) as well as Food Safety & Mircobiology. So far it's been a rewarding and challenging experience. I know it will seem like it will take me forever to get my bachelors, but in the end, it will make our lives so much easier when I graduate, with Dylan going into preschool and Liam wrapping up high school.

Hope all is well with everyone! Take care! *hugs* ShareThis


  1. CHER! Hi! Whoa, you're pregnant? That is fantastic! love you, girl!

  2. Thanks Josie!! *hugs* love ya too woman!


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