Saturday, June 17, 2017

Making Exercise A Priority

While incorporating Isagenix into my life, I've also been doing my best to keep on track with exercise.  Exercise has so many benefits, not only for our body, but for our mind and soul as well.  I took on a challenge last few months with the gals, Melissa and Shanda, I talked about in my Spotlight for Military Spouses Appreciation Day post, and this month with committing to walking at least 20 minutes a day with some of the ladies in that same group, but this past week I started "Shaun Week".  It's been challenging, but fun all at the same time.

While some may give me heat for supporting Beachbody while being an Isagenix consultant, they can KMA!  I know Isagenix nutrition is superior, but they don't offer workout programs, as they are strictly a nutrition company, so I will find my fun and fitness elsewhere!  I LOVE BB WORKOUTS!  And I love Shaun T!  Sometimes we connect on a more personal level with certain people, and Shaun is definitely a trainer that I can easily be inspired and motivated by.  Each day has been something different, from cardio and weights to basics and speed, this week has been about committing myself to exercise.  Takes repetition to create habit, and exercise has always been my downfall when it comes to being the best me I can be.  Beachbody on Demand has a 14 -day free trial too!  (This is my second time with a free trial, as I had a 30 day free trial previously when it first came out.)   NO hassle, NO risk!  Just call and cancel if it's not for you, but the variety is amazing.

There will always be free workouts online, like one of my fav guys, The Fitness Marshall, on YouTube, whose cardio dance fitness workouts are SO much fun.  I'm a dance fitness girl, so I love anything with loud, fun, energetic music that gets me dancing!  (Hence the Zumba certification!  LOL)  It's all about finding what you love and sticking with it.  Making it a routine, just like going to school, work, or any other obligation you may have.

Anywho, hope you have a great weekend!!  I'm over here enjoying one of Isagenix seasonal shake flavors - MOCHA!!!  Added my Greens and Ionix to it, and I'm set for the day!  Enjoy!!

Monday, June 12, 2017

When Life Gets Busy

Haven't really had much time to blog, since I was in training all last week at Boise State University.  It was through the Idaho Positive Behavior Network and it was Tier 1 and Tier 2 training in SWPBIS = School Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support.  It was a four day training and focused a lot on avoiding having to discipline through having clear expectations with positive results and relationships between students, staff and families.  It was really nice to have this time to collaborate with my co-workers and administration.  Lots of great ideas to take into next school year.

With that said, between that and continuing with my other part time job, the physical toll of it has taking the place of my workouts most days, as the ongoing physical demands each shift feel like HIIT Circuit Training!!  It's getting a bit easier, but there are still some things that I physically can't do yet, like lift anything over 30 lbs above my head, and sometimes things on the top of the racks in the fridge and freezer make me ask for help, but I'm getting there.

Today was the last day for the Isagenix promo with free enrollment.  I'm so glad that some friends have taken a step in their own journeys to try to get the nutrition they and their families need.  Some got their initial orders in 2 days!!  That's insane!  Glad I work with a company that truly puts their customers first.

I'm contemplating doing Zumba classes on base.  I would want to do Tuesdays and Thursday evenings, so I'm going to head to the fitness center tomorrow and see if that would be feasible.  I'm thinking about starting in August, when most people are back from all their vacations, people PCSing in are settled, and it would also give me time to get some great routines choreographed, as well as find care for my lil guy if his Daddy has to work.

As some of you have seen, my child is fully taking advantage of the Kids Bowl Free program, which allows your child to bowl 2 free games everyday throughout the summer.  He usually bowls his 2 and then you turn around and he's on game 7!!  Luckily the bowling center on base has $1 games through the summer outside of the free bowling coupons, so it's not so bad.

So much going on, but it keeps me sane!  Hope you all had a great weekend, and for those of you that have had some trials this week, just know you are strong, loved and deserving of happiness!  I got you!!  Lots of love... Cher

Friday, June 2, 2017

World Eating Disorders Action Day - June 2nd #WeDoActTogether

While people head out today for their free donuts from their favorite donut shop for National Donut Day, there is a more important point of recognition today.  June 2nd is World Eating Disorders Action Day.

While the subject is sometimes hard to talk about, there are 5 key messages to get across today.

Key Messages Of World Eating Disorder Action Day 

  • Advocate for early intervention and evidence-based treatment. 
  • Affirm parents/families as key players in their children’s/loved one’s treatment and recovery. 
  • Call for increased diversity in research, narratives, media, and professionals working in the field, so as to uplift marginalized communities and underrepresented global regions. 
  • Address the lack of access to affordable, culturally competent, representative and comprehensive care among underserved populations. 
  • Promote that eating disorders are treatable at all ages/stages.
Spread the word today with the hashtag #WeDoActTogether or #WeDoAct2017

For more information, materials, events and education, please visit

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What's Aging You?

There are so many was to slow the aging process by keeping up on our nutrition, exercising and minimizing stress.  Sitting around, eating processed crap and allowing our daily struggles to get the best of us does us no good.

Get up and get moving, and make sure that you are tackling each day with a commitment to yourself in living a healthy lifestyle.  There are things you can be doing to help yourself do all this, and pass that knowledge along.  Please watch this short video, and contact me about getting started, or what other options are available to you!

Get the system and save, or sign up and save!  Contact me to find out how!

Healthy Aging and Telomere Support System

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Food - Contributor to Poor Health

Every time we put something in ours or our childrens' mouths, we make a choice on how we want food to affect our health.  I personally have seen people take more time and effort into what their pets eat than themselves, or their children.  While kids will be kids, we still have the ultimate say in what they eat.  I'm not going to sit here and lecture anyone, because my own child loves his Happy Meals, but I limit when he's able to get one, and make sure that he eats healthy as much as possible, and supplement when I know he is not getting proper nutrition because he refuses to eat this or that.

There are so many opinions on what is or is not considered healthy, but let's face it, more and more Americans will question the contents and/or price of a nutrition shake than they will that burger or pizza from a national fast food chain.  Why is that?  In my personal opinion it comes with growing up with the familiarity and normalcy of these chains and their foods, and not growing up with the basic knowledge of nutrition and using food as fuel, and not as a social or emotional pairing.

Think about it.  I know as a female, we grow up with the pictures of devouring ice cream when we are sad or depressed.  Pouring on the chocolate sauce while taking a large spoon directly into the container, instead of portioning it out.  As kids, it's the pizza party after the big game, or buffet family style eating at a reception or back yard barbecue.  We grow up with these images and examples, so no wonder it's hard to "deprogram" ourselves.  Some have eating disorders that arise from trauma, or the need to control something in their lives when everything around them is out of control.  It's hard to change our mindset at times when it comes to food, because not only is it accessible, it's survival, and habits are hard to break.

We need a return to the conscious effort of using food as fuel.  To make sure our choices are wise, well thought out, and nutritious.  Whether that is supplementing, prepping, planning or just making sure healthy choices are in our homes, it's a step in the right direction.  Good health starts in the kitchen and in those food choices we make every day.  Several choices daily, not only for ourselves, but for our families.  We can encourage and push toward a healthy lifestyle, and hope that it is a new normalcy in the generations to come.

Have a great day!  #startyourlife