Friday, June 2, 2017

World Eating Disorders Action Day - June 2nd #WeDoActTogether

While people head out today for their free donuts from their favorite donut shop for National Donut Day, there is a more important point of recognition today.  June 2nd is World Eating Disorders Action Day.

While the subject is sometimes hard to talk about, there are 5 key messages to get across today.

Key Messages Of World Eating Disorder Action Day 

  • Advocate for early intervention and evidence-based treatment. 
  • Affirm parents/families as key players in their children’s/loved one’s treatment and recovery. 
  • Call for increased diversity in research, narratives, media, and professionals working in the field, so as to uplift marginalized communities and underrepresented global regions. 
  • Address the lack of access to affordable, culturally competent, representative and comprehensive care among underserved populations. 
  • Promote that eating disorders are treatable at all ages/stages.
Spread the word today with the hashtag #WeDoActTogether or #WeDoAct2017

For more information, materials, events and education, please visit

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