Saturday, June 17, 2017

Making Exercise A Priority

While incorporating Isagenix into my life, I've also been doing my best to keep on track with exercise.  Exercise has so many benefits, not only for our body, but for our mind and soul as well.  I took on a challenge last few months with the gals, Melissa and Shanda, I talked about in my Spotlight for Military Spouses Appreciation Day post, and this month with committing to walking at least 20 minutes a day with some of the ladies in that same group, but this past week I started "Shaun Week".  It's been challenging, but fun all at the same time.

While some may give me heat for supporting Beachbody while being an Isagenix consultant, they can KMA!  I know Isagenix nutrition is superior, but they don't offer workout programs, as they are strictly a nutrition company, so I will find my fun and fitness elsewhere!  I LOVE BB WORKOUTS!  And I love Shaun T!  Sometimes we connect on a more personal level with certain people, and Shaun is definitely a trainer that I can easily be inspired and motivated by.  Each day has been something different, from cardio and weights to basics and speed, this week has been about committing myself to exercise.  Takes repetition to create habit, and exercise has always been my downfall when it comes to being the best me I can be.  Beachbody on Demand has a 14 -day free trial too!  (This is my second time with a free trial, as I had a 30 day free trial previously when it first came out.)   NO hassle, NO risk!  Just call and cancel if it's not for you, but the variety is amazing.

There will always be free workouts online, like one of my fav guys, The Fitness Marshall, on YouTube, whose cardio dance fitness workouts are SO much fun.  I'm a dance fitness girl, so I love anything with loud, fun, energetic music that gets me dancing!  (Hence the Zumba certification!  LOL)  It's all about finding what you love and sticking with it.  Making it a routine, just like going to school, work, or any other obligation you may have.

Anywho, hope you have a great weekend!!  I'm over here enjoying one of Isagenix seasonal shake flavors - MOCHA!!!  Added my Greens and Ionix to it, and I'm set for the day!  Enjoy!!


  1. Have been lazy about this exercise things...
    Great blog

  2. Have been lazy about this exercise things...
    Great blog


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