Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Biggest Loser Finale & Trainer Kim

Well, Danny did it. Start out at 430 lbs and ended at 191 lbs!!! What an inspiration!! And how about Shay? Subway is going to pay her $10K for every pound she loses by next season finale!! Now there's a paycheck!! Heck, I'd settle for $10 a lb I had to lose!! LOL. It was a great season, and they look absolutely amazing, and so energized and focused. Next couples season starts January 5th, so you know I'll be there!


On another Biggest Loser note, I came across an interview with trainer, Kim Lyons. Remember her? She replaced Jillian for a bit on the show. Check out the positive things she's doing for the diabetic community with her workouts and educational approach to fitness. Click her picture to check out Fit Bottom Girl's interview with Kim.

Have a great day folks!!!

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