Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DJ & Big D Updates

Well, things are rolling along for me. I picked up Friday night DJing out at the pub, so that would be 2 nights a week right now, and the pay is more than I make working at BB part-time, so I may have to think about letting my manager there know that I'll be leaving soon. He already knows I am planning on quitting in April, but looks like I may have to leave a little earlier if Friday becomes a permanent gig for me. Sorry, two nights DJ'ing brings me more money than working 3-4 nights at BB, and I only work 4-5 hours a night instead of 6-7. It's a no brainer, and I really love it. I'll just miss the free movies!! hahaha!

I dropped off a check to my laywer this afternoon. He said that he will try to have the complaint drawn up by next Friday, and the date Ry signs it will be the start of the 90 days, so it's just a waiting game until then May. At 90 days, we both sign off on the divorce, and it's final. At that time, I will sign off on the deed as well. His secretary is out in the hospital, but he said since it's so cut and dry, he should have them ready for me. He'll also have the documents ready next Friday for me to sign, as well as notarized letters for me to go back to my maiden name. I hadn't really thought about changing my last name, but I guess if I'm to put all this behind me, keeping his name just seems silly.

I hit the gym last week and this week, as I really need to get these last 10-15 lbs off and tone up. I just want to look and feel by best, and there's nothing wrong with that. They have a hip hop class that I want to try out. Anything with dance moves incorporated is right up my alley. Besides, all the dancing I do behind the DJ booth helps me on the weekends!! LOL. I have a sore throat and a bit of congestion today, but all in all, I've really been feeling great. I'm sure it's because of someone special in my life, but I'll save all that for another post! *smiles*

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!



  1. Sounds wonderful just wonderful Love you bunches...*HUGS*

  2. OK, that little tease about someone special! And so happy life is moving on & good for you!!!!

  3. Great that you are DJing more. Wish I could catch you spinning sometime. It's easy to get burned out, though, so make sure you maximize the fun factor.


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