Friday, February 12, 2010

Double Blog: Depression & Diet Pills

Found this among my email, and thought it appropriate since many of us, myself included, have been dealing with the enormous amounts of snow that has seemed to rock America. Something to keep an eye on, because many people are actually "shut in" due to snow, utilities down, etc. This of course is not to diagnose anyone, or give advice, just sharing information:

Ask Dr. Michael Thase
Could Winter Dread Be Depression?

Q: I have always dreaded the grey days of winter in the Midwest. I'm 66 and I have been a widow for three years. I find that I linger in bed in the mornings, always want to stay home, and look forward to very little. I have never thought of myself as depressed — rather that I'm just getting older and tired. Could I be wrong? — Vivian, Kentucky

A: The changes that you describe sound a lot more like depression than those that can be attributed to getting older.

Your association between your mood and the gray days of winter is not uncommon. A significant minority of the U.S. population — perhaps 15 to 25 percent — report feeling lower moods or decreased energy levels during the shorter days of fall and winter, when there is less sun exposure. In some people, these low moods and lack of energy are diagnosed as SAD, or seasonal affective disorder.

For you, the loss of your husband, added to this seasonal pattern of mood disturbance, may have been enough to push you over your capacity to cope. You should go see your doctor and, if he or she agrees that what you’re experiencing is outside of the normal range, you can learn about your treatment options for depression. If persistent grief is a strong factor, psychotherapy may be recommended.

Some people with winter depression also benefit from treatment with bright white light, delivered via a small portable light box.

I've always found a way to get out of this for myself is to try to stay active. In cases like this, I think it's more so more staying mentally active. Whether a project or hobby, playing a game, chatting with a friend, or even makeing a list things that need done that you've been holding off on. Whatever it is, it's hard to escape the winter blues sometimes, but like everything in life, we can try our best to rise above it.

On another note, have you see my girl-crush, Jillian Michaels, is being sued by some typical money hungry woman? (Click here to read story) I know I had this posted on my Facebook page, and people were definitely quick to comment.

Listen up folks!! There is NO MIRACLE PILL!!! Most people start these programs without doing the 3 basic things all of them say you need to do.

1. Consult your physician first before starting any weight loss program. How many people you know call their doctor before starting up these diet pill programs? I highly doubt she went to her doctor complaining about her weight and calorie intake, and the doctor said.. "Hey! Try Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Calorie Control!!! NOT!

2. Use in conjunction with either their specific program or a diet and exercise program. Way I look at it, if you have a good diet and exercise program, you most likely wouldn't be using these pills anyway. I know these types of pills are supposed to surpress your hunger, or speed up this or that, but in the end, the key is a good diet and exercise program.

3. Individual results may vary. Um.. hello?!?!? This woman used the pills for one month. ONE month! Did she take them everyday? I know I commented on Facebook that pills like that don't work when you down them with a box of Krispie Kremes in the morning.

Anywho, I can't wait to see how this plays out, because it will set a precident for all weight loss pills on the market and what they can claim. This product was marketed and labeled no differently than any other weight loss enhancer out there.

Oh well, back to the grind. Loving the DJ gig, and today I have to go review and file my big D paperwork. Always such fun! LOL. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Keep warm, keep safe, love ya!! *hugs*


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  1. Cher, so loving that you are DJ'ing & having fun!!!

    As for the winter blues, a big thing with lots of people & I understand it. We had all that rain here in CA & I was so not used to seeing the sun for that many days! I thought I was going to go crazy!!

    As for Jillian stuff, people amaze me! Like you take a pill & all is good with the world! Get real!!! Do the hard work. Even with a pill or surgery, ya still have to work at it. Just craziness! All about money!


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