Wednesday, June 9, 2010

'Healthy' Candy: Too Good to Be True? - AOL Health

I read this article this morning on AOL Health.. 'Healthy' Candy: Too Good to Be True? - AOL Health
I would love some people's opinions on this. For me, just like cereal, weight loss, nutrition and a lot of other bars out there, most of them are over 200 calories a serving, with some being TWO servings a bar with high carb and sugar counts. How can any of it possibly been seen as "healthy"??



  1. I think we are better eating real foods & healthy ones & save the candy bar for that treat every so often.... not all the time! :-) I actually do not even crave them. For my treat, I rather have a big ole coookie! ;-)

  2. It's all about making money. The candy companies don't care about our health. The dark chocolate Reese's and antioxidants in other candy crap is just a marketing ploy to entice people who are trying to lose weight. They want to keep them as customers, ya know?


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