Saturday, May 7, 2011

Getting Back on Track

Life can get crazy, and now that Dylan's been home a month, it has seemed like the entire month has been filled up with doctor's appointments between he and I. He went -for his 2 month immunizations, and I went for my postpartum check up. I also went to a cardiologist appointment, because when I had ketoacidosis and gastroenteritis complications in January and was hospitalized, they did an abdomen ultrasound, but in doing so, they found I had minimal plaque build-up in my arteries.

So now at the age of 37 (38 in August) I have coronary artery (heart) disease. It's common in diabetics. Having diabetes has aged my body about 15-20 years. It's a slow killer, and after years of it going untreated, because of no insurance and no money for insulin, it has taken it's toll and rearing it's ugly side effects all over the place.

My cardiologist put me on a baby aspirin regimen, and of course as always, to keep my blood sugars under control through diet, exercise and insulin. To make sure that I'm getting all the extras I need, including more omega-3 fatty acids, CoQ-10, iron, niacin, vitamins & minerals that support a healthy heart on a whole, I've supplemented my diet with GNC Women's Ultra Mega® Heart Vitapak® Program. Even though it may say it's for women over 50, keep in mind what I said about diabetes aging my body. I have to attack these issues head on and keep moving forward, helping my body out the best I know how. Some people think these packs are too expensive, but with the Gold Card price and my military discount, it averages out to less than $1 a day. If I can't spend $1 a day to help keep myself in the best possible health, then I have more problems than just my health.

Our diet at home has changed a lot, as the hubby and I are adding more fruits and vegetables into our diets. Sure, we still have the occasional lazy mean, like a beef/noodle concoction, but we've started eating smaller portions and adding a salad, or a side of fruit. Getting off the junk food and easy prep meals can be hard, but it's still a transition in progress. I'm starting to exercise when I can, and I know it will get easier, the more self-calming the baby gets. I've looked into some Zumba classes, as doing in my living room is getting a bit boring for me. I like the interaction and energy in a group setting. I can still do the basics at home, and our complex has a small gym with weights, treadmill and elliptical if I want to go that route. With the warmer weather, there is the Green Belt here in Boise that is a great trail to walk or run on. I love that this town has so many positives that promote a healthy lifestyle. Can't wait for the Whole Foods to finally open here! Never been near one before! Another added bonus.

I just have to "keep on, keeping on" and do this for myself, my family and be an inspiration for others. I need to get into great shape so that I can go for my personal trainer license and get certified to teach certain exercise classes. I can't wait for things to start coming together. These are my goals, and with school starting back up for me on June 8th, that's another goal that will be reached in time. My bachelors in nutrition science!! I've already been accepted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and I'm also a member of KUMSA. They are just extra boosts and motivation as I tackle my college courses.

Well, that's the latest. I have been trying to make it around to my friend's blogs and I have actually caught up, and so glad I did! There is such a plethora of information out there. You just have to go out there, grab it and absorb it!! Have a great weekend, and Happy Mother's Day tomorrow to all that mother and mentor this world! Cheers!!



  1. I'm so glad you're taking control in a MEGA way! (hehe. sorry, that was corny). But I am seriously glad to hear about everything you're doing. Happy Mother's Day to you, Cher! I applied to have my Mother's Day application extended into tomorrow, but I hear it's been denied.

  2. thanks Josie! hope you had a fantabulous Mother's Day as well. I think there should be a Mother's Week or Mother's MONTH! lol


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