Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Getting Green Tea into My Diet

One of my favorite bloggers, Josie, from Yum Yucky, made a post today regarding loving a new green tea she's tried and if it was possible to overdose! Ha! Love that woman! But, since I've heard so much about green tea, I decided to look up the health benefits from it, and came across the article, Green Tea Benefits - 16 Things That Make Miracles Possible. I urge you to check out the entire page for all the study information, as well as what other people have claimed what drinking green tea has done for them. Here's the breakdown of the 16 Benefits from the article:

- Act as antioxidants
- Burn fat, exercise longer
- Prolong life
- Prevent and treat cancers
- Soothe stress, boost brain power
- Rejuvenate body, protect it from heart attacks & strokes
- Improve heart health
- Reduce high blood pressure
- Prevent and treat diabetes
- Treat inflammation
- Protect lung from smoking
- Protect liver from alcohol
- Prevent tooth decay, cure bad breath
- Build bone
- Boost immunity, fight off flu & cold
- Rehydrate

This article is well put together, with TONS of links regarding every one of these topics and more. As a diabetic with plaque build up in my arteries, this is definitely something that I have to acquire a taste for!

Are YOU a green tea'er?? Let me know your favorite brands, and whether or not you like it hot or cold. There is one part in this article that says adding milk cuts all these wonderful benefits by 90%!!! Guess y'all better stay away from the milk! haha!

Well, I go in for my surgery tomorrow. Getting those pesky tubes tied, since having another child would basically be one step closer to death for me! Not good! HA! Hope everyone has a great week! *hugs*



  1. How are you feeling today, Cher? I hope it's a quick recovery! I brought my 3 tea bags of the green into work today. I'm nuts for it!

  2. Surgery went great.. and fast! 1 hour surgery, 1 hour recovery, and was home a 1/2 hr after that! As Jennifer Hudson would say/sing... "I'm feelin' goooooood!" lol

  3. Shhhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone, but you can buy Real Japanese green tea powder and you can add that to yogurt, ice-cream (to make the stuff less sinful) cereal etc to add the goodness into your diet without having to drink lots and lots of the stuff :)

  4. yeah.. i'm not a tea drinker, so that option might just work out for me!!

    Although there was one point in the article that stated milk products cut the goodness of green tea by 90%.

    I'll have to look into it more! Thanks Cuppypower and welcome!

  5. i have not been reading your post for long enough, but if you are a friend's of Yumyuky, are you using shakeology by any chance? you can put some in there!!!! In Hong Kong, we have greentea eveything. Like greetea cakes, chocolates, bread, candy. one other thing you might want to check out is making muffins with powder greetea. i guess you can subsitute it with coco powder in any baking??? good lucky with the experiment and excuse my awfull spelling! ;)

  6. Green Tea is a great fat metabolizer


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