Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Rest of My Academic Year

Well, here's the rest of my year planned out for me at Kaplan.  Now you understand why I have to get on the ball with myself and my own lifestyle.  On one side I don't want to be the one with all the info that a patient or client sits in front of and thinks "this sure doesn't seem like a person I should be taking advice from".  On the other side, I do want them to know where I've been and where I come from so that they can find something in me they can relate too.  Food addiction.  Diabetic.  Heart/Artery Disease.  Neuropathy.  Mother.  Whatever they can link themselves to and relate to will help me in helping them. 

We all love people that inspire us, but normally what inspires us is those we can relate to.  Those people that we see a bit of ourselves in, and in turn it makes us believe that it is possible to meet those health and wellness goals that we set for ourselves.

Was there someone that inspired you?  Someone that you looked at and saw their journey and thought to yourself... if they can, I CAN!!   Who was that person?  Do they still inspire you?  How do you inspire others?  Comment below!

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