Thursday, January 1, 2015

Resolve to Change

Well folks, it's 2015.  Another year to make those new year resolutions.  Most lists are the same - lose weight, get fit, eat healthier, quit smoking, save more money, cut Starbucks down to once a week, etc., etc., yadda yadda yadda.

Problem is that making a whole lot of changes at once can be overwhelming, and this is where our failure comes in.  A lot of these resolutions are lifestyle changes, so they can take time and usually are only successful when a conscious effort is made.  Tackling these challenges do not have to happen overnight, but an ongoing journey of self improvement.  A lot of people want to blame their lack of willpower, but it truly comes down to them not wanting or not being ready for that change.  It's as simple as saying "I won't" instead of "I can't".

I can't quit smoking.... no, you are saying I won't quit smoking.

I can't budget my money.... no, you are saying I won't budget budget.

It's all about perspective, and in actuality, you are choosing not to do the very thing you want so badly to accomplish.  Slow and steady wins the race, and maybe you are just not ready, but don't beat yourself up about it.  Maybe you'll do better come February, or March.  Maybe something will trigger you to make certain changes in the spring or summer.  Maybe other issues are weighing on your mind and you cannot fathom starting something new. Least you can do is try.  Try doing it in steps, phases, or in a check off list order.  Every day is a new day to start over, reset, reboost yourself to do you very best at whatever challenges you make for yourself.

Whether you hit the ground running, or stumble and fall, just teach yourself to get back up and try again.  Remember, failure is only the result of trying, and trying is better than complaining and doing nothing.

Best of luck to all of you in this new year, and I wish you nothing but health and happiness to you and yours.

- Cheryl

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