Saturday, May 27, 2017

Food - Contributor to Poor Health

Every time we put something in ours or our childrens' mouths, we make a choice on how we want food to affect our health.  I personally have seen people take more time and effort into what their pets eat than themselves, or their children.  While kids will be kids, we still have the ultimate say in what they eat.  I'm not going to sit here and lecture anyone, because my own child loves his Happy Meals, but I limit when he's able to get one, and make sure that he eats healthy as much as possible, and supplement when I know he is not getting proper nutrition because he refuses to eat this or that.

There are so many opinions on what is or is not considered healthy, but let's face it, more and more Americans will question the contents and/or price of a nutrition shake than they will that burger or pizza from a national fast food chain.  Why is that?  In my personal opinion it comes with growing up with the familiarity and normalcy of these chains and their foods, and not growing up with the basic knowledge of nutrition and using food as fuel, and not as a social or emotional pairing.

Think about it.  I know as a female, we grow up with the pictures of devouring ice cream when we are sad or depressed.  Pouring on the chocolate sauce while taking a large spoon directly into the container, instead of portioning it out.  As kids, it's the pizza party after the big game, or buffet family style eating at a reception or back yard barbecue.  We grow up with these images and examples, so no wonder it's hard to "deprogram" ourselves.  Some have eating disorders that arise from trauma, or the need to control something in their lives when everything around them is out of control.  It's hard to change our mindset at times when it comes to food, because not only is it accessible, it's survival, and habits are hard to break.

We need a return to the conscious effort of using food as fuel.  To make sure our choices are wise, well thought out, and nutritious.  Whether that is supplementing, prepping, planning or just making sure healthy choices are in our homes, it's a step in the right direction.  Good health starts in the kitchen and in those food choices we make every day.  Several choices daily, not only for ourselves, but for our families.  We can encourage and push toward a healthy lifestyle, and hope that it is a new normalcy in the generations to come.

Have a great day!  #startyourlife


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