Monday, May 22, 2017

Toning Up For Summer

Everywhere you look online there are articles, blogs and people with advice on how to "tone up for summer".  Fact is, everyone has their own belief on what works, or more importantly, what worked for them.  Well, I'm not here to give anyone advice, as I'm heading into summer myself with only a few pounds lost, 30 lbs to go and far from "tone".  We all have our journey to take, and whether it's proper nutrition, workouts, or keeping up a healthy lifestyle, there are a few things that fitness and health experts DO agree on when it comes to getting tone for summer.

First, vary up your workouts.  We all have our favorite workouts, whether step aerobics, dance fitness, HITT, weight lifting, yoga, etc.  It's where we feel comfortable, or the routine that makes us feel the most accomplished.  Try to find something to mix it up a bit.  You'll be amazed what muscle groups you might be missing by sticking to only one type of workout or routine.

Protein-pacing is effective in helping your body tone up.   Research has shown that protein pacing can help you maximize muscle maintenance during weight loss and muscle building when combined with exercise.  There is also IF - intermittent fasting. One study found that during a day of IF (or a Cleanse Day), the body conserves muscle by increasing the use of body fat for fuel and increasing growth hormone levels. These findings show that muscle loss is not a concern during Cleanse Days. If anything, making sure to work in regular Cleanse Days might help you achieve faster results.

School is almost over and summer is upon us.  Let's get moving and accountable!  Have a great week! - Cher


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