Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fun-Filled Packed Days!

I had a great weekend with Ryan and all my friends. Saturday was packed full with 3 events. First, we went to the 4th Annual Roar in the Mountains, which is a motorcycle rally at the Legion Park in Hollidaysburg, PA. Lots of fun, as a lot of our friends were working boths, and the Underground was there organizing the entertainment, so our friends Chris and Lori were there, along with Milyssa and Adam. We saw Ashley and Stacy there, along with their daughter, and our friend Travis. Later, we headed to the Hair Force One reunion show. They are an 80's "hair band" cover band. They are so good, and such fun. After THAT, we headed over to Aldo's to celebrate birthdays with Milyssa and Barno. I left early, cuz I was my friend Chell's DD, but it was a great day.

Sunday was relaxing, up until the Bears/Steelers game. I'm surrounded by Steeler fans, but it was a sweet win for the Bears. So that left the weekend on a good.. no a GREAT note!

Monday & Tuesday, back to work per usual. Last night on TBL, I was so proud of all of the contestants putting a damper on the Week 2 curse. Normally they either don't lose a lot, and some even gain weight, but they proved the curse wrong and 15 contestants lost over 150 lbs. It was a great finish. I love that show!! (ya think?)

Today, it's back to the grind again, and back to the night job as well. MJ's coming out to drop me off a power cord for the laptop he gave me because our lil Bear puppy we had decided to use it as a chew toy when we had him, and I've just been so busy, I haven't had time to meet up with Him.

Well, hope all's well in your world peoples! Love ya! I'm hoping to get around to catch up on everyone's blogs today and tomorrow! Ciao for now! *smooches*


  1. Loved the pics! Looks like you had real fun!

  2. uh oh, the doggy was bad! I wonder how much protein computer cords have???


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