Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Excuses & Film

Looking through my friend's blogs today, my pal Josie did a GREAT entry today about those that whine they don't have time to exercise. CLICK HERE to read.

Some of these excuses behind having no time to exercise are just that.. excuses!! I know for myself I really could say, I work 14 hrs a day and I only get one day, IF that, off a week!! But when reality sets in, I really DO have time that I can fit in exercise. I could set my alarm earlier and get my butt up and get 20-30 minutes in before my morning shower. I could take advantage of the days I don't have to work two jobs, and head to the gym. There are times I could be exercising, and I'm guilty of sitting on my rump on the days I do have off. All that ever seems to do is make me even more tired and lethargic anyway!

Speaking of sitting around, there are a lot of great movies have come out already and coming out this month, so make sure to check some of them out!

Already out on DVD:
Law Abiding Citizen - Loved it!
Couple's Retreat - I'm a huge Vince Vaughn fan, 'nuff said.. lol
I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell - If you liked the Hangover, definitely check this movie out! Nonfiction account of writer Tucker Max's life. As he says in the beginning.. "based on true events.... unfortunately"
Everybody's Fine - this can really strike a cord for those that don't keep in touch with their family.
Where The Wild Things Are - classic storybook turned movie

Coming next week!! March 9th:
Up in the Air
Capitalism: A Love Story
Old Dogs
Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

That's all I can think of at the moment. Phones are ringing! Have a great day everyone! *hugs*



  1. You are amazing working so hard! I hope this changes with time! :-)

  2. working hard now so I don't have to later! once I move May/June, I'll get to have a couple months off and settle in, spend quality time with my son this summer, and then back to work, but not as hard, and certainly at only ONE place!! hahaha

  3. Thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog. I've got to catch up on some of these great movies.


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