Thursday, March 11, 2010

Inspirations for LIVING!

As I sit here, trying to catch up with all my blogging friends, I came across a blog on the Diabetes Self-Management blogs I follow called "Why We Need Reasons To Live" by David Spero. One thing he wrote was this...

When things are going badly, it’s harder to focus on the good things, but that’s when it’s most important. It’s so easy to sink into despair or depression with the things that are happening to our environment, our economy, our politics, and our bodies. It’s easy to forget the good things, the love, the beauty, the fun, or just to let them go.

That is so true for a lot of us. We let things consume us in a negative light, when there is so much around us to be thankful for. So much to enjoy in life, including our partners, families, friends and so on.

One thing he did state is how in the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program that people were required to write a "plan of action" of sorts to their weeks ahead. Put down things that you want to do, or start doing. Most of you bloggers out there know how therapeutic blogging, journaling and writing our goals down are, and how it can really help us in whatever our journeys are. Whether weight loss, a more healthy lifestyle, promises to ourselves, people in our lives, or even our jobs and careers.

I speak not only to the diabetics like myself that may have gotten into couch potato mode, but to all those out there that find themselves moping around their homes, staying on the internet all hours of the day, or falling asleep out of no where out of boredom to make that plan of action! Write down the things that you want to do, or start to change in your life. There is so much to live for and so many things out there to appreciate, and you won't always find it in the walls of your home. Home should be a place to relax and enjoy. It should not feel like a prison, so if it does... GET OUT, GET MOVING AND EXPERIENCE LIFE!

I know I have my family and friends, my Partner, my son and so many other things that inspire me to do what I need to do for myself, so that I can be around for THEM, as well as enjoy the quality of life I want. What inspires you? It can be anything from a person to that pair of jeans you are determined to fit into again. Inspiration can be pulled from anywhere and from anything in our lives. It's time to search ourselves and find that inspiration and start living again!

Have a great day, and hope you have a fabulous weekend folks! *hugs*



  1. Loved this Cher!!! Stop by my blog Monday for a very interesting post which will lead to a great book giveaway Wednesday. It is all about LIVING! You are finally living.. yahoo!!!!

  2. Thank you for this inspirational pick me up ^_^ This made me smile and I really needed a smile today!


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