Thursday, March 18, 2010

One Pooped Puppy & Premonitions

Well, hello everyone! I guess these days my time allows me for, on average, one update a week. I wish I could blog more, because there's so much going on, yet when I actually sit down to write it out, I forget half of it! LOL

After all the rain this past weekend, this has turned out to be an absolutely GORGEOUS week! Sun is shining with temperatures in the upper 50's and it might have even reached into the 60's at some point. Because of the gorgeous weather, I decided to take Maddie dog for a walk. She loves walks, and started going crazy when I even suggested the "W" word. I headed over to Chris & Lori's to drop off their money from DJing, figuring they live about 2-3 miles away, so it would be a great walk roundtrip. It definitely was!! The temperature was just right. Not too hot to break a terrible sweat, but not to cold to get the chills. After getting back, poor Maddie dog was POOPED! lol. She drank some water and crashed at the foot of the couch, and didn't move for about an hour. After watching TBL, I too crashed out.

Yesterday was a blast DJ'ing for St. Patty's Day for the kids at St. Francis University at the Loretto Pub. I was only supposed to DJ until 9pm, but the crowd got bigger and more energetic, so Russ, the owner, asked me to stay until midnight. They really are a fun crowd to be around, and I got my full of Irish drinking songs, The Boondock Saints soundtracks, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly and the local band from State College, that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE - The Clover. <--click and take a listen! There's been so much happening, and it's all been really good. Today I headed to lunch with my bested bud Steve, and we played catch up. It's so rare to have the time to spend with my friends lately, so I was thankful we set aside even that lunch hour to chit chat. He and I will definitely have to make a golf date before I move. With me DJ'ing on the weekends and his band playing all the time, it's going to be tough. Guess we'll just have to play hookie from work one nice day and head out to Park Hills. I'll have to find some time to get over to the driving range and warm up so he doesn't kick my butt TOO bad!! I actually had tonight off, but I'm going to go help Ryan a bit, as he has his first DJ gig to do. He's filling in, but I know he'll enjoy it. Figured I'd be his first karaoke'er to get things started up for him, and make sure he's comfy with using the programs before heading home to relax. I definitely deserve this night off, although with having to run up there and get him started up, I won't have the time to talk Maddie for another walk tonight. I have, however, promised her that Saturday, it's ON! I'm excited though... really excited, because in 16 days Scott will be here!! I've already met his Aunt Jo and Aunt Mary Ann for lunch, but now I'll get to meet his mom and sister and the rest of the family on Easter Sunday. I'm a bit nervous, but definitely looking forward to it. Liam and Scott talked for the first time this past weekend, so that was awesome in and of itself. Liam said it was "cool" to get to talk to Scott, and I know Scott was thoroughly entertained to actually hear Liam and how he can banter on and on about things. I predict these two are going to totally hit it off this summer. I can't wait! Other than that, it's work per usual. As far as movies go, The Fourth Kind is definitely something you all need to check out. I love the mixture of movie footage mixed with live footage of the events that occurred. Kinda freaky, but done very well! Old Dogs and Did You Hear About The Morgans? were funny in a sit-at-home-and-kill-some-time kinda way.. LOL. Cute, but not overly entertaining. I forget what I have at home right now to watch. That will be my "after Maddie walk" relaxation time on Saturday before DJ'ing.

Hope you all enjoyed being Irish for a day yesterday! Have a great weekend!!


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  1. Life is moving forward for you & in a good way... happy days ahead! :-) You deserve it!


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