Monday, April 26, 2010

20 Days of Bliss

Well, I said goodbye (for now) to Scott on Friday morning. He's now back in Boise and there's about 6 weeks left until I make my move out there myself. What a wonderful 20 days we had while He was "home" on leave! Just spending time together, whether snuggled up to a movie or tv show, to going to his nephew's baseball practices, or our little minature golf challenge at The Meadows, where we actually, after all 18 holes, ended up with the same friggin score! How is that possible! I swear I won! LOL. One Sunday spent at Beaver Springs Dragway to watch his cousin Donnie race, and the next Sunday with His mom and grandma down at Charles Town Races and Slots in West Virginia. We had lunch and dinner with the family on several occassions, and even took pictures down at the VA in front of The Wall That Heals Viet Nam Memorial here Altoona.

It was bitter sweet watching Him board that plane, knowing I'll see Him soon, and we can start building our lives together. Both bosses at each of my jobs commented on how down I was on Friday. It was just we had so much fun, and time just flew by while he was here. I know He's back there keeping up our home, awaiting my arrival. He has an assignment in Utah for most of May, so even if I would have come out sooner, He wouldn't have even been at home. After spending this time together, it just solidified all our feelings, plans and goals for ourselves in the upcoming months. My ex-hubby said to me today, "As long as your happy, that's all that matters." Just brought tears to my eyes knowing that although I know he's not thrilled with the idea, he just wants to see me happy. I wish the same for him as well. Happiness. It's all any of us want out of life, and having a partner to share it with can make it all the better.

I have a long work week ahead of me with both jobs, knowing I'm going to be working at least 14 days straight. I know I have 65 hrs to work Monday through Sunday of this week, but not sure on the exact hours of the following week. It's all good, though, because it will be more savings for the move and other expenses when I get out to Boise.

I'm going to try my best to get good rest, so I can get up early and workout a bit. I sold my treadmill, because that was definitely one item I was not about to lug all the way out to Idaho. I really want to just get back into some routine before I move. I have a lot of packing and shipping to do over the next few weeks. But, for most of the time, I'm just going to try to work as many hours as I can to fill up my days and weeks.

I hope you all have a fantastic week! *hugs*



  1. Excellent pic and a very moving post. You hang in there, my friend. It won't be long before you have everything you've ever wanted.

  2. HUGS and before you know it, you will be there!


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