Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birthdays & Workout Buddies!!

First off, I want to wish my pride and joy, my one and only (for now) son Liam, a very Happy 12th Birthday. He's 4 yrs old in that picture, and today he's 12. I can't believe it! I love and miss you buddy! Hope you have a great birthday!! Also, birthday wishes this week go out to my Auntie Margi that shares today with Liam, and my friend Michelle, who celebrates her birthday on Friday! Happy Birthday Ladies!!

In my email a few days ago, Jillian asked..Is there someone in your life who wants to change his or her life and get healthy? Do you have a friend, coworker, or relative with similar goals whose company you enjoy? Misery loves company, but so do strength and resolve. Remember the buddy system in the scouts? Same idea here — you create a support system and hold one another accountable. Whether at home or in the gym, having the right person (or group of people) to share your frustrations and progress with is one hell of a motivator. How a workout buddy helps.

This is one of the things I'm definitely looking forward to after moving to Boise. Having an onsight gym at the complex, and having a partner that is supportive and works out as well. It's so great to have that extra push when you feel like giving up on all of it.

I definitely need to get in and stay in shape, stabilize my blood sugar and prepare myself for having more children. I've always been so scared of the weight gain I had with Liam, and knowing my lifestyle and diabetes were the culprit that made me get over 250 lbs, this time around, I'm more aware of my health and the risks involved. I have someone that is understanding of my condition, and supportive and a bit more disciplined than I when it comes to what we should and shouldn't have, and together, it will be a great team effort to get where we want to be, and have the lifestyle we both so desperately want and need.

Scott's leaving to go back to Idaho Friday, and I'm already feeling a bit separation anxiety. He has an assignment in Utah for the month of May, so He won't even be back at the apartment long after getting back. He'll be back just in time for me to drive out. I'll be stopping home to visit friends and family on my way out there, since I'll be traveling I-80 West. That's all still a month away! I can't wait!

Have a great day everyone, and thanks for stopping by!!



  1. Cher, such a wonderful pic of your son! So many exciting things ahead for you.. new life & happiness that you deserve! I am so happy for you!!!

    PS: When we go to Idaho to visit the grandkids, I will let you know. Not sure when we are going this year yet... it is usually late simmer but it may be Xmas this year...

  2. Jody that would be fabulous! I would SO love to meet you!!! I'll be traveling to Chicago for Xmas, but that doesn't mean there isn't time for me to visit Cali!!!


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