Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holiday Weekend

This will be my first Easter in my son's life that I will not be spending with him. I know in my heart he's doing well, and he's enjoying this school year out at his dad's, it's still a bit hard for me. It will also be the first time I haven't spent his birthday come April 21st with him either. I cannot feel too bad, because now his dad gets the chance to have Liam for Easter AND his birthday. All those years, HE had to go without, and now he gets to have his family and all of his children under one roof. I love you guys so much!

On a positive note though, I'm heading to get my Man at the airport at 7pm tonight. So many things are running through my head, since the last time I saw Him in person, we were just friends, hanging out while He was on leave last September. It's amazing what has transpired between us since then. Words cannot express the love and respect I have for Him. We will be spending Easter Sunday with His family, and then later, head off to do our own thing with friends. Tonight, it will be a visit with His immediate family. I'm nervous, but I'm not. I think it's more excitement than anything. All I know is I cannot wait to see Him for the first time at the airport. *happy sigh*

Ok, enough with the mushy, emotional stuffs... LOL. Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful holiday weekend, whether you celebrate the resurrection or just do the bunny thing, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Take care of youselves, and each other! Ciao!



  1. Have fun :) and enjoy :) hey we can still celebrate Liams bday :) and mine were going to olive garden and then the movies :) you need to come, April 23rd :) Love you


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