Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mid Summer Exhaustion

Well, my first born left this weekend to head back to his dad's for football.  It was a fast 5 weeks, but we had so much fun with going to Lagoon Amusement Park (video), going bowling, parties and get togethers, the Rockies Diner Food Challenge (video), the Boise Zoo, the Mayhem Festival and getting our fill of horror movies!!  It was great to see my 13 yr. old bond with his 4 month old brother.  Precious Mommy Memories! :)

Of course with having a teenager in the house, there were plenty of snacks that normally aren't in my home.  He can be a bottomless pit if I let him, and having those things in my home were a terrible temptation for me.  Although I've lost roughly 7 lbs since the birth of my youngest, it's a daily struggle, especially with school going on and starting my own business over at Just Jewelry by Cheryl.  (ha!  got my own plug in!)  Life has been a whirlwind of activities, and it never seems to end.

Being a stay at home, work at home, school at home mom and wife is challenging, but I wouldn't change it for the world.  Sure things get off track and things can get overlooked, but in the end, it's all worth it.  Shopping, order taking, phone calls, school work, exams, feedings, playtime, shipping jewelry, juggling the finances, there are certainly times I seem overwhelmed and exhausted.

Here's the thing though.  Sleep has not been my friend.  As tired as I get, when everyone is in bed, it finally feels like "me" time.  Times like this, where I can finally update my personal blog, instead of my business site and pages.  As much as I want to lie down and go to sleep, my mind is going in so many directions, it's hard to calm down and actually SLEEP!!!

All in all, I'm slowly making strides in providing myself a schedule.  Only working on business & school stuff while the baby sleeps, and doing my running around and playtime of course while he's awake.  Sometimes I feel bad for my hubby, because when he gets home after a 12 hr day on base (USAF), all I want to do is pass my son over and nap.  Sometimes, it happens without warning, and I've actually had days where after he gets home, my body just collapses into sleep mode from not being able to continue.  I know a lot has to do with my eating habits, as I have to start MAKING TIME TO EAT!  Funny how when life gets so busy, 2pm rolls up on you and you realize that all you've had all day was a couple cups of coffee.  Definitely not winning in the health and weight loss division of my life there.

Anyway, I have to find more "me time".  As I tweak my daily and weekly schedule, I have to put in my Outlook (along with seminars, appointments, outings,etc.) what times I'm going to work out.  Heck, even set reminders for myself.. EAT BREAKFAST!  LOL  It sounds sad, but I have to keep my body fueled to work for me and not against me like it has been doing lately.  And of course, get proper sleep (where I'm actually heading to attempt after posting this.)

Well, this has definitely been one of my longer personal posts in a while, but I had to get it all out.  Not only out of my head, but also as a reaffirmation of what my personal goals are:

  • Lose 30 lbs by November (reasonable)
  • Drink more water and slowly cut out soda
  • Quit smoking (this has been by far my hardest struggle with all the stress)
  • Maintain my "A" average in college
  • Have my business open house in August and go from just online sales and include home party sales to increase income for my family.
None of these are unattainable.  They are very reasonable goals, but my enemy has been my own self.  Time to stop wishing and start DOING!

Have a great week all!!!


  1. Ya know, I'm still tweaking my schedule after all this time. It's never perfect, but the tweaks get better every time. As for your goals, Cher, they are all attainable. You CAN/WILL do this!! (wait, am I being bossy?). I just announced a teaser to a new fitness challenge I'm launching next week. I hope you'll be joining in, Cher!

  2. ooh!! sounds good!! i need challenged these days!

    and no worries about being bossy.. i need that know and then! haha

  3. Funny I stopped by today.. I wrote about smoking today so I hope that does not offend you & next week will have a post on sleep! Too funny!

    I am exhausted just reading your post! HOLY COW!!!


  4. doesn't offend me. it's something that brings me to tears sometimes knowing the addiction i have to it, topped with the cost and health risks of it!!


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