Saturday, July 30, 2011

When You're Ready -

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Looking for something that is going to challenge you like no other?  I was introduced to this site from Josie of YumYucky on one of her Facebook posts a while back, and after going through this website... all I have to say is OMG!!!

These workouts are INTENSE!!!  No wonder they all have amazing rock hard bodies!  Their focus is working out and exercising at home.  Not only is there great advice on their website, but they also have a YouTube channel with great videos showing you the moves.  There is diet and nutrition tips and they have unique workouts for equipment like the Dip Station and the Sandbag, that helps in weight training and resistance.

Here is their latest video with trainer Zuzana: "300 Reps of Brutality" - think the name says it all!!

I'm looking forward to exploring more on this site, as after trying to get back into a workout routine, these are just a tad too intense for my fitness level right now, but there are great posts on their page with different ideas for exercises and getting fit!


  1. I watched a couple of her videos on YouTube...she's beautiful!

  2. Hey Cher! so glad you're exploring Bodyrock.Tv! I encourage you to dive in because you can totally improvise on these workouts by NOT using her interval timer system, and instead, doing the same exercises by go for a certain number of reps instead - even if it's a few, you can work up from there! Cher, you keep this up and your gonna be one baaad chick. hahahahaaa! Oh yes, and I love your new site name and design.

  3. thanks Josie! just wanted something cleaner and more "focused" i suppose. that way when i DO get my bachelors in nutrition science and possibly get a trainers license, i will already have this established.

    i'm definitely looking into it. i wish Dylan was a little more stable.. i can use him as my 'sandbag' hahaha!!!


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