Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Website Name

So, after a few years, I finally decided to name my blog and put a domain name behind it.  I really want to focus on my interest in health and fitness, losing weight, dealing with diabetes, eating right, being in the right mindset and loving ourselves, as well as discussing the latest "fad" diets and crazy things people do that they actually think are healthy for them.  I'm a very open person, so comments, opinions and suggestions will never be deleted, unless of course the infamous online "drama" begins with name calling, pointing fingers, etc.  I want healthy, informative, educational comments if someone is in disagreement.  Add a link to an article on where you got your idea if it's something to be debated.

What I'm trying to get to is that it's all about being educated.  Educated in how to maintain HEALTH!  Whether through food, fitness, classes, professional help, etc., it all comes down to US!!

I'm open to any ideas in regards to how to design an appropriate header for my blog!  Any suggestions, resources, templates would be awesome!

Have a great day!!!

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