Wednesday, January 28, 2009

bitch rant

I try not to bitch that much, but some things just irritate me, because it's not how I was raised, and to me there are certain codes of conduct people really need to abide by.

Ok, so I've planned to have a Superbowl Party at my house this Sunday.. great right? Well, sure, for those that have responded.. THANK YOU!!!! I seriously would rather have a yes or no. I wish "maybe" wasn't even an option. I understand those that have their annual rituals for Superbowl Sunday, and that's cool. I'm all for family time, and all that. No problem.

I guess I'm talking more towards the male friends of mine. The "I gotta see what's going on" guys. Ya know what that tells me? Tells me that you'll show up if nothing better comes along, and frankly, if that's the case, I don't want you there. I actually had one of the guys tell me that my TV wasn't big enough. Are you fucking serious? So you're gonna pass up free food, and a great time with friends because my TV isn't big enough for the game? You need help.

For me, when you are invited to someone's home for whatever reason, respond. Yes, no, and do it in a timely manner, knowing that they have to plan for enough seating, food, etc. I know there will be some kids there, and that's great. I want to plan some things for the kids to do, and frankly, I could give two shits about the teams playing, but it's about socializing with friends in a home/family environment. If all I'm gonna do is see you at the bar, I don't consider you a friend, but an aquaintance that I know, so if I invite you to my HOME it says that I consider you more than that.

I dunno. Maybe I'm just blowing steam, but seriously it just erks me that people have no common courtesy anymore. Back home, if someone didn't respond to a party given, they just were never invited again.


  1. uumm, i guess this would be a good time to let you know i'm not i feel like an ass but like i said, we go to the mother in law's for dinner and since it's my birthday the next day, i conned her into making me a turkey :0)if it wasn't for that, i'd definitely be there, no matter what size your tv is!! i swear :0)

    i do understand where you're coming from. the people in this area don't know any better and it is sickening. i hate it. i just can't believe someone told you your tv wasn't big enough. what do they feel they need to see that big??? lame. it is hard to plan food and all that without knowing but i'm sure the party will turn out nice :0)

  2. oh, no problem hun. LOL.. my frustration was more pointed at my guy friends. couldn't get a straight answer from ANY of them. Just pissed me off. if i didn't hear from people, i'm assuming they aren't coming, but i just hate the "i'll have to see what's going on" people.. ugh!!

    have a great time at your family's!!

  3. Hey I said maybe but then got right back to ya :) with a yes and Im bringin 3d glasses and a cheerleader hehe

  4. oh i know.. lol. and as for the guy with the problem with my tv.. first it was size, now i found out today, he's not coming because my tv isn't HD either.

    what a joke! ack!

  5. now that is stupid,lol omg w/e lol your tv works for me,lol love you


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