Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Holidays are Approaching!

There are so many articles out there about how to stay fit and healthy over the holidays. I have to be honest. When it comes to the food, I've never been one for "pigging out" at holiday feasts, because most of the foods I just don't like! I don't like ham, I can't stomach sweet potato anything. Usually my guilty pleasure is green bean casserole. I'm such a rebel right?

My problem has always been the sweets. I'm not talking the candy, because unless it's Reese's, it's usually never an issue. I'm talking the cookies, or more importantly, my mother's sugar balls. They are just a no bake receipe of oatmeal, cocoa powder, butter, vanilla extract, rolled into little one inch balls and rolled through powdered sugar. UGH!!! These things are addictive!!!

Over the years I've become more disciplined in my choices and I think for me that has been because of knowledge and information I've acquired over the years through maintaining a food journal for my dietician because of my diabetes. Do I want to eat X-amount of calories in cookies and feel unsatisfied in a half hour, or eat X-amount of the healthier dishes at a meal that will keep me satisfied longer, and I won't crave those sugar balls because I'm FULL! I've tried to do that, because in knowing MYSELF, I can't eat sweets on a full stomach. It literally makes me ill just thinking about it.

We all know what works and doesn't work with our own self and body, and if not, we need to recognize the patterns we set for ourselves. If we know that we can't stop at just one, then don't take one at all. If we know eating this will lead to us craving that, have something else that will keep you from indulging too much. I also know that working out the morning of or the night before a party or gathering will leave you feeling less likely to want to "ruin" that workout you did. It's all about choices, and there are tons of suggestions out there on how to do this. There are a few links below. Pick and choose for yourself. They just might work!!

Keeping Fit Throughout the Holidays - Personal Fit Coach

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Eat Healthy Over the Holidays

Have a great week!!


  1. Recognizing what works for you is so important! Great job on doing that for yourself and really good article. I too can bypass all the "regular" holiday food, but do love the sweets!

  2. Great post Cher! Yes, we all have to know ourselves & what works for us!

    Like you & Diane, I am about the sweets. I can eat my white meat turkey & veggies & be fine. In fact, I just plan ahead & plan for the cookie or cookies I want & I don't over indulge on anything I don't really care about. If I want a taste, I can stop at one bite if it is something I just do not feel is worth the calories.

    I tend to do pretty good over the holidays as I am more aware. I just go about my business like every day of the year.

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