Saturday, April 22, 2017


Music has so any positive qualities, the list of them can go on longer than any playlist.  Music can make training more fun and it can also IMPROVE your workouts!  Music can pretty much be described as the leading legal performance enhancing drug!  So turn it UP and turn it OUT!

Not only can music put you in the right mindset by affecting your mood, making workouts more enoyable, it distracts your mind and dissociates yourself from feelings of fatigue and tiredness. Music can also influence the intensity of your workouts!  Get that loud base pumping or the right lyrics, and you are crushing it!!

Personally I think music also helps take a 30-60 minute workout and makes time fly! When focusing on the songs, they get you happy, bopping (or thrashing) around, you belt out some of your favorite lyrics (sorry family) and next thing you know it's over and you're left a heavy-breathing, sweaty, satisfied human!  It's most likely one of the reasons various aerobic classes are so popular.  With music pumping and an instructor pushing, and with the energy from others in the room, that class seems like it's done and over quick!

So ladies and gentleman.... TURN IT UP!!!  What are some of your favorite workout songs?  Comment below!  Have a a great weekend, everyone!!


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