Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bitch Rant: Texting

Since when did texting become such a life necessity to some people? I, myself, dread texting on my cell phone. I'm sorry, but I enjoy human interaction whether getting together with friends, or talking and hearing/seeing the joy, laughter, sadness, expressions of the other party's voice. Sure I use chat programs online, but that's while multitasking, and not taking away my attention from something like DRIVING! Conversations for me on a cell phone if they take longer than one text to me and one return text, it's a phone call. I don't mind the silly pics or jokes, but I'd much rather talk on the phone to make plans for the weekend, or get directions to someone's house, because if I have questions, I'll be damned if I'm going to squeeze them into 10 different 150 character text messages.

Yes, I've fallen into the category on occasion of texting while at a stop light in my, but I just don't see anything that pressing or important that you have to diddle on a 10-key or qwerty pad the size of a deck of cards while actually IN motion on the road! It's insane!

Besides, the "text etiquette" of today is just plain awful. While out with friends, you're trying to have a conversation with someone that is texting away, not looking you in the eye, as they nod "uh huh". How friggin' rude is that? Hello? I'm standing right here thank you very much! If your conversation with that person is so important, than maybe that's where you should be, or they should be HERE! I just think it's inconsiderate to those that have chosen to spent their time with you and are there and present.

All I'm saying it, I'm not opposed to all this new technology, but somewhere along the lines people have lost common courtesy, respect and have somehow made this into some type of acceptable rudeness. Sorry, I just find it all just plain rude!

Thanks for letting this bitch rant! LOL Have a great hump day!


  1. I hear you! In CA talking & texting on the phone lead to a traffic ticket although I see it all the time still!

    It is so hard when others use it & you just want to call or something! It is handy when I can't reach someone BUT it is getting kind of crazy.

    The Twitter thing is what I don't get. I know it may be good for my blog BUT I just don't get all the other random notes. I know, old school here still ! :-)

  2. I dreaded texting... until that's all girls started to do. "here's my #, call me"

    "OK! I'll text you!"

    "Did I just mumble some uncomprehensable shit?"

    So now... I text. Not in the car though, since I drive standard but hey, I'm just uh... adapting to the market trend ;)

    Business man at heart.
    You're good at being a ranting bitch cher, you gota do it more often!

  3. Now illegal to text and drive in Maryland. Thank Christ for that.

    I say it should be illegal to drive and TALK on the phone, too, but.. one thing at a time.


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