Friday, October 2, 2009

Give 'Em Hell! LOL

Facebook has all sorts of silly/crazy quizzes, but today's lil one I took on a break cracked me up. There's a certain someone that this is TOTALLY dedicated too... kinda like my "Stronger" song last week :)

Cher took the What 2009 Song are you? quiz and got the result: Gives You Hell by All American Rejects..

It seems like you are kind of upset at the moment. Something happened to you where you just want to & "Give someone hell". You can overcome this issue, but for now you just want to be left alone!

Sometimes those lil quizzes are right on the money! Freaky huh?

Last night we went to see "Paranormal Activity" in State College. OMFG! It rocked!! It's been a long time since a horror movie plagued my mind and made me jump in my seat. It was totally worth the drive. If you get the chance to see it.. do it! There's only midnight showings.

This weekend should be fun. I'm heading out to Monroeville for training, and then on to meet a good Friend for a late lunch. Back home, and I'm heading out with the boys, since Scott will be heading back to Idaho soon. Last few weekends have been a blast. Have I said lately how much my friends rock!?!?

Sadly our friend Stacy's dad passed away yesterday. My heart goes out to him and his family for their loss. Love you man!! *big CherBear hugs*

Have a great weekend everyone, and if you're not working out.. WORK IT OUT!! cheers!!


  1. Funny! That song thing! I guess they can be right on at times!

    Hope you had a geat weekend!

  2. hahah! I tread lightly with those quizzes! They're so addictive. I'd be taking them all day! LOL!


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