Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Things are looking up!

Well, it's been a hectic week, but a good one. My husband has been offered a temp job with UPS that's twice what he's been bringing home with UC, but it's good that we'll have the extra money for the holidays. I'm determined to make it "home for the holidays" and travel to my folks in Illinois so I can see my baby boy and family. The job is only through the holiday season, but it gets his foot in the door, and hopefully in the driver pool come their annual hiring in March.

Along with that, I was offered a DJ/Karaoke hosting job for Halloween night at a local pub, which should turn out to be fun as hell, as well as bring in some extra cash. If you already didn't know, I'm the karaoke queen, and have loved singing in front of people since I was little. My proudest, yet most nerve-racking moment was being able to sing the National Anthem at the Blair County Ballpark for an Altoona Curve baseball game. As far as the pub is concerned, I've never been inside this place, but I'm told it's small, but so with the friends and family that are saying they'll come out, as well as the regular patrons, I'm sure the house will be packed! It should be a total blast, and I'm really excited, and hope it goes well enough for a regular "gig".

Today we head out to the athletic club, because the hubby has finally decided he's had enough with being overweight, and wants to do something about it. I've always tried to encourage him to go with me, but never wanted to actually add him to my membership, because I wasn't going to pay for him to slack off. I really think working out will do wonders for his self esteem, as well as his health and wellbeing. We all have to make the choice for ourselves. People can try to motivate us all they want, but it's up to US to actually make the commitment to OURSELVES!! I just hope that he sticks with it. We have an appointment at 6pm tonight so we can go over everything at the club. I have to find the time to hit it as much as possible too, because although I've lost 10 of the 20 lbs I gained after giong back on insulin, I still have 20 lbs to go to where my doc wants me at and another 10 to get to where I would like to be personally. Sometimes I wish I would have just joined the 24 hr gym here by our house, but I'm locked into a 2 yr contract at the athletic club, but between the hours I work and the hours they are open, it's difficult to make it out there.

Things are going ok with both my full time and part time jobs. Crazy hectic at the day job, and with the holidays around the corner, I have a feeling it's going to get that way at the night/weekend job too. Sleep has been screwed up, but hopefully I can get on a schedule that doesn't hurt my health. Last night I got a good night sleep (for me, anyway) which was about 6 hours straight. Usually it's 2-4 hrs here, 2-4 hrs there, up and down all night. This morning, I got up ran a bath in the jacuzzi, and did a lil pampering this morning, and now it's almost time to get ready for work. If my life wasn't so crazy, I'd probably be bored out of my skull, so I'm thankful to have so many things to do to keep me busy and entertained.

Hope everyone's week is going great! I'm still not sure what I'm going to dress up as for Halloween, and probably won't know until that day! I have a wedding before my gig, so it will have to be something that's a quick-change thing, so I don't have to have too much time to prep. It should be fun! Anyone going out and dressing up for Halloween? What are you going as? I'd love to know!! Or better yet.. send me pics!! LOL Have a great hump day folks!!


  1. Cher, so good to hear all this great news!!!! I love that! AND, a video on your "singing talents", is that to come????

    Wish you could get more sleep cause that is important to health & weight loss. I hope you can get that under control soon!!!!

    I belong to a 24 hour club & love it.... I have some crazy work out hours so I can do what I want with less probs.

    I hope you get home for the holidays & see your boy & family!

  2. thanks Jody! i've been going through websites on this and that, trying to find "remedies" to help me sleep longer and better. i'm sure it's just stress, and the odd hours.

    not sure about the "video".. hahaha. unless someone else takes one, i don't purposely tape myself!! hahaha


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