Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy 54th Birthday Mom!

Just a quick entry to wish my mom a very happy birthday! She's an amazing woman and someone to look up to. I know it can be hard to celebrate 3 days after what would have been my brother's, her son's, birthday on Friday, but she's strong and beautiful, and I'm so proud and lucky to have her as a mom! Love you!! Hoping you have a great day off, and enjoy that shrimp dinner tonight! LOL


  1. Happy bday to your mom! She is beautiful. So sorry about your brother!

    I just have to say... OMG, I am only 2 years younger than your mom!! I will be 52 next month!

  2. Yes, she's a beautiful gal. :D

    And yes, my mom is also 52, so from what I'm judging 'round here, I'm gonna be HOT in my fifties. woo-hoo!


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