Tuesday, February 24, 2009

anti-bullying, my ass

There are supposed to be anti-bullying regulations in PA schools. Unfortunately, if your child waits to actually speak up about it, they treat it as the first case, and will not backdate and look at the course of the school year.

All I have to say is the Principal at my son's school is a fucking prick. He was a prick to me, to my son's stepmom, and seems to like to point the finger at parents instead of making himself accountable for what happens in his schools. The only reason why he gives two shits now is because Dawn went above his head, and now his boss is on his ass.

To this asshole, may I point out, you may have had your stomach stapled, or bypass or whatever to make yourself thinner, but to those that know you, or have had the misfortune of being in the schools you were in, you'll always be a fat fucking dick!!

*curtsies* Thank you for your time :)

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