Monday, February 16, 2009

working out sucks!!

Man am I outta shape!!!! I lasted only 20 minutes of my 45 minute workout video. I knew it would be tough, but not THAT tough starting up again. Although I let Ryan pick which tape, and I hadn't done this one before, and it ended up being one that used weights, and I am NOT good with weight stuff at ALL for long durations. I can already feel that I'm going to be sore in the morning.

The boss didn't talk to me today about my raise, because the schools were off, so he had appointments from the time he got in to after the time I left. From what he briefly said Friday, knowing that Vday was my 4 yr. work anniversary, he's thinking about just putting me on salary. Easier on me, and easier on his books, and we don't have to worry about vacation pay, sick pay, etc, it will just be all inclusive. I'll also get incentive bonuses for each new auto policy I bring on board, to try to motivate me into upping the sales for the office, as well as bring in some extra cash for myself. I just passed my 24 credits to renew my state license, so I'm good to go for another 2 years. I hate that whole system. Nothing but more money for the state and more money to put in the pockets of these companies that administer the tests.

Anywho, after BSing with Chell on AIM for a bit, I think I'm gonna get the boy to bed and hit the sack myself. I know it's early, but I definitely feel the need for sleep! Ciao for now!

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