Thursday, May 28, 2009

Living Lightly

By Mary_RD on May 26, 2009 12:00 PM in Dieting & You

Do you know the best kept secret to improve your weight loss success?

Throw something away!

Yes – that’s right. Reducing the clutter from your life helps you to reduce the weight from your body. It may seem like an unrelated and insignificant step but releasing unnecessary stuff emotionally frees you to release unnecessary weight.

As a life coach and psychotherapist, I have observed that clients who live in cluttered and disorganized homes often struggle with weight issues as well. The heaviness of their homes mirrors the heaviness of their bodies and the heaviness of their spirit. Their stuff is like a protective security blanket in the same way that excess weight provides protection.

Years ago I discovered the magic of space clearing expert, Karen Kingston. Her bestselling book, “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui”, transformed my life and I routinely recommend it to my clients. Karen’s spiritual approach teaches us about our relationship with our stuff and how the trapped energy of our clutter prevents us from living a more fulfilling life.

Peter Walsh is an organizational expert and regular guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show. His book, “Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?” explains how the clutter in your home has a direct relationship to the clutter on your body. Too much stuff and too much weight evoke the same feelings of being overwhelmed and out of control. He offers a practical approach to organizing the stuff in your life to help you take command of your eating habits and weight loss goals.

Reading his book reminded me of several clients whose homes were so cluttered that they couldn’t comfortably eat at their kitchen or dining room tables. The lack of space and disorganization made mealtime chaotic. They resisted inviting guests for dinner. The condition of their homes, like the condition of their bodies, was another source of shame and isolation.

The objects around you either uplift your energy or drain you of power. As you become mindful of the objects you keep in your home, you become mindful of the food you put in your body.

My challenge to you:

  • Go through your clothes and remove items that you don’t like, you don’t wear or that don’t fit.
  • Donate these so others can enjoy them.
  • Only keep clothes that you feel fabulous wearing and that reflect your current weight.

Saving smaller or larger sized clothes “just in case” keeps you living in the past or in the future preventing you from living mindfully today. Wearing clothes you absolutely love offers appreciation and acceptance to your body as it is. This acceptance, of loving yourself no matter what, paradoxically helps you to reach your weight loss goals.

If clearing out your entire closet feels overwhelming, take small steps. Find one item that no longer works and put it in your car. Drop it off at the nearest clothing recycling bin and begin to experience the miracle of decluttering.

The results will amaze you.

Your thoughts....

How does clutter hinder your weight loss success?


  1. so true...organization is very important and liberating to me

  2. It makes me feel frazzled. I think I use a messy apartment like I use a chubby body, as an excuse to keep people out. I've been slowly getting rid of many clothes, some are just too damn big, others just don't fit well. It's a slow process, and I need to repeat often. I don't understand why I can't keep an apartment that I would like to invite people to visit.

  3. You're right. Those "just in case" clothes aren't a good thing to keep. I just made up a bag of those for the attic. I'll have to get rid of them.

  4. I completely agree! Time to toss something! Woo I feel so free :)


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