Friday, May 1, 2009

Spooning with my Trainer

Yeah, thought that title might get your attention.. LOL. Another evening with my PT Eric. It actually went a little better than the last time. Of course I still struggled, but not to the point of wanting to give up (or the tears from last week! LOL) Started off with 15 mins on the elliptical, and then onto the weight room for pullups, presses, lower ab work and squats with a weight in one hand, going down, touching the ground, then up and raising the weight up over my head, and again with the other arm.

Then it was onto "Spoons". What is that you ask? Well, the look I gave Eric was priceless when he said we were finishing up with that, and one of the big guys in the gym even was like "ugh.. it's tough!" Ok, so off we went for this "Spoon" exercise.

We went into the big room where the floor exercise classes are held, but at that time done for the day. He took 20 plastic spoons and laid them in a line on the floor about a foot apart from each other. What was I to do? Start at the first spoon, keep my back straight, squat, pick up the spoon, stand to engage the abs, and squat back down and place it back on the floor. Squat down pick it up again and move to the next spoon. Squat down, drop, squat and pick it up again, then squat and pick up the 2nd spoon. Move to the 3rd, squat to place each spoon down, and then squat to each one up individually, and so on down the line of 20 spoons. Can you guess the amount of squats?? Well, Eric was right. I DID just now calculate the number of squats I did. 402!! Is that crazy or what?? We bullshitted while I was doing it, taking a break to grab some water, and although it took some time to get through it, I DID IT! I joked halfway through that it was past 8pm, as my time with him is 7-8pm, and he basically said, I better finish up then! LOL

I guess after my frustration yesterday, I did realize that I AM seeing some changes. Maybe not the changes right now I want so badly, but changes in my endurance and strength. While it may not show on the scale or in my clothes (yet) there HAVE been positive changes. I never would have thought in a million years that I could do that many squats AFTER just having done 45 minutes of him working me out.

I changed my schedule with him for May before I left. I'll have spin Monday nights, and Saturday morning (when I can get on the list), kickboxing Tuesdays, train with Eric Wednesday and Friday, and have Thursday and Sundays as my lazy days. My legs shook as I walked down the steps to the parking lot, and I was passed out by 9:30 after having dinner with Liam. I'm glad I still see the light, and hopeful about my weight loss. I'm viewing it as, right now, I'm getting the strength and endurance it's going to take to really hit things hard, and kick this thing into gear! Have a great weekend everyone!! *hugs*


  1. OMG wow! I'm thoroughly impressed! I really need to get myself an Eric....

  2. Holy cow!!!!!!!!!! What a workout & you sound good! See, you can do amazing things! Keep up the great work & love your schedule change! Go Cher!

  3. That is a pretty creative workout...go Eric but more so go Cher!

  4. Aha! Told ya so. Knew you had it in you. But if he starts talking about a knives workout, you might wanna rethink it.


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