Thursday, April 2, 2009

Because I'm Worth It

Everyone knows that daily exercise is just as important as eating healthy. Because of being diabetic, my food choices have been much better over the last few years, and I'm really getting my caloric intake down to a science.

My main problem has always been working out at home. There are too many distractions for me. Whether it's my child, or my dog nipping at my heels while I'm doing the treadmill, or my DVD's, it's always been a struggle. Even if I set the alarm in the morning, I just can't seem to get out of bed in time. I tell myself over and over what DVD I'm going to do after work, or how many minutes I will do the treadmill, and then I arrive home. Next thing you know, my son needs something, or I see dishes laying around, or clothes, and start doing housework instead, and then something comes on the tv and I end up glued to it for the next hour. It's like this vicious cycle I can't seem to break.

Even though money is tight, I've decided for my own health and wellbeing, I'm joining the athletic club here in town. It's the place that I go to kickboxing classes at, and instead of paying $5 a week for the class, it will be $33 a month. That includes member access to a great range of classes from yoga, kickboxing, step and non-step aerobics, Zumba/dance workouts, weight and cardio machines, friends to workout with, and the pool. I really think this is going to help me out a great deal!

When I lost 30 lbs two years ago, it was because I had joined the YMCA, and had my set classes I went to and the workouts I did in the weight/tread room were on days a class wasn't convenient for me. But you know what? I DID IT! I went faithfully, feeling guilty if something came up and I didn't go. It was a part of my daily routine, and part of my lifestyle. The weight came off, and I dropped 2-3 pant sizes, and was feeling so good about myself. Even on days or hours the Y was closed, I actually DID workout at home! I was in the zone baby!!

After we moved, I cancelled the membership and stopped going, figuring I had all the things in the world to workout at home with. True!! I had everything but the willpower at home.

People sometimes say how they have no time, and no money, etc etc. One of the fitness guys I follow on Twitter, Nick Garcia, had posted one day this quote ~ Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. ~Edward Stanley AMEN!!!

At a cost of $1 a day, I'm helping myself get stronger, healthier, leaner, and feeling better about myself again. Only $7-something a week? Hell, I know people that waste more than that at the bar, or on junk/fast food a week. With cutting down and eventually quitting smoking, heck my habit for ONE week will pay for my MONTH membership at the club. Can't beat that exchange!

For me, having a place to GO, and having that environment that encourages and motivates you to workout is what I think helps me. The instructors and trainers, pushing you, wanting to see you do well and succeed. At home, there's no one to keep up with but me. If I feel like shutting off the dvd, no one's there to stop me. In a class, it's more humiliation that keeps me there and finishing it. What am I gonna do? Walk out of the class in front of friends and strangers? Most likely not. I'll push myself and finish it.

All in all, I've contemplated this for over a month now, and I've finally decided.. I'M WORTH IT! My husband should feel lucky, because I'm not materialistic in anyway. I enjoy simple things, and rarely spend money on myself, so this is definitely something I'm going to do for ME!


  1. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!!! I think this is a great investment in time & money. Your health & mental well being are way more important. And as you said, you have been cutting back so why not invest in the future with that money. YOU! You become a better you for you & a better you for your family!

    Also, there will be a variety of things to do at the gym so you can mix it up & keep the bod guessing!

    At some point, mom's have to put themselves first so that they can be healthy in total for their family

  2. they have a spinning room/class too! i've never done it, but i hear it's a great workout and a total blast! i'm excited!

  3. You're totally worth it! Great post girl. Share your heart. :)
    I'm proud of you for joining a gym, it will be so helpful, and take that time as time for YOU, you'll be able to grow physically and mentally.

    I love going to classes at the gym. I've learned that getting into a class {strength training/yoga/etc) totally motivates me. You start to meet people with similar goals and also you totally get that hour work out in, because who wants to leave in the middle of a class? :)

    Go girl!

  4. Go girl! I need to be like you and learn to do more for me. It's not healthy to give all of yourself out to everyone else and have zero left in the tank for you.

  5. Good for you. I always thought I would like to get exercise on a treadmill while watching the news, etc., in the mornings, but my dogs would never put up with that. They'd probably want to join me.

  6. You are so right about the gym. It is the only way I'm able to be faithful to working out.

    I have been sick and am trying to fully recover before going back. It's torture waiting.

    Good luck....and thank you for taking the time on such a great blog! It is always a joy to read.


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