Monday, April 6, 2009

Meet My Trainer

This is Eric. Eric is one of the trainers at the athletic club I joined, and now MY personal trainer. He's originally from California and has 20 years experience in bodybuilding, muscular strength and endurance training. He's certified with the Interactive Fitness Trainers of America and also CPR/AED, and for the next 12 week, he has the pleasure of kicking my ass on Thursday evenings. From what I was told, this was supposed to be my freebie trainer assessment. He did his assessment, weight, BMI, body fat, what my goals are, what I'd like my ideal weight to be etc, etc. Paperwork and our chit chat took only a half hour, so he decided it was time to get to work for the remaining 30 minutes. Holy fricken crap!!!

First he had me do 10 minutes of fat burning at level 5 on the stairclimber. I've never done the stairclimber, and that 10 minutes could NOT be fast enough. My heart was POUNDING! I was like, ummm.. hello!! Beginner here!! LOL. Then it was into the workout room, where I did 25 push ups off the weight bar and then 50 leg raises, toes pointed straight back to work my glutes. Ya know, to help the tushie out. No problem. After that... Houston, we have a problem!!!

He moves me over and calls one of the girls working out there to grab an 8 and a 10 lb medicine ball. In crunch/situp position, we had to bring the ball back over our head as we laid back, then situp, and switch medicine balls, and then go back down and up.. repeat. 50 times! Then, 15 push ups, and then back to those torturing situps with the medicine balls. Anytime I wanted to break on anything, he was like.. "Ok quick break.. 10..9..8.." Ten second rests! My body was shaking so bad, and I started to actually feel sick to my stomach! Then, we stood up with the medicine balls, standing feet apart, squatted down, touched the ground with the medicine ball, stood, ball to our chest, then raised it over our head, back to our chest and squatted down again. Another f*(&in' fifty of those!!

I swear I wanted to just bolt outta there after the 30 minutes so fast, but I was so weak and worn out, sweating my ASS off! I was still shaking, feeling like I wanted to throw up. Here I did only 30 minutes of this, so I couldn't even imagine what those poor people on The Biggest Loser show go through on their first intense workout. And I've seen them throw up!! Eric told me a rather gross story of a guy he trained for 10 minutes that couldn't make it to the bathroom in time. That really helped settle my stomach Eric!! THANKS! LOL

I grabbed my son and his friend from the basketball courts and we headed upstairs to set this month's schedule. Because I was still shaking so bad, my first thought was my blood sugar count, so I had my son go grab me a small mango smoothie from the bar, as I sat down to test. It was at 98, which was fine, but damn did I feel like dying! It amazed me how I could last through an hour of kickboxing or step class, but in 30 minutes he made me feel like I did a weeks worth of exercise! Chell was there with two of her kids, and stopped to say hello. She had just done some tanning, and I envied the sense of relaxation the tanning beds give you.

So my workout schedule will be as follows: Monday - spin class (when available), Tuesday - kickboxing, Wednesday - Boot Camp and Thursday - PT Hell with Eric. LOL. He said the spin class and Boot Camp will be good for my endurance and help expand my lungs.

Well, that's it folks. I'm friggin dead tired. It's 10pm, and I'm hitting the sack. I have to be up to see my dietitian, and take my fasting blood tests, so since I can't eat, drink or smoke for 12 hrs, sleep will be the perfect solution! haha!

Nite All!!!


  1. yep. I think I love eric.
    he sounds like an amazing trainer and a guy with a PLAN for you.


  2. I am with MizFit!!!! You will be challenged & have change & diversity to keep you interested & the body guessing!!!!

    As I have said before, your body can do more than your mind tells you.

    Cher, I am so proud of you!!!! Go get them girl!!!!!

  3. This sounds like so much fun! (seriously). You'll be breezing through this stuff before too long. I'll make a bet on that!

  4. well, this was only 1/2 hr. i'm nervous, excited, and scared all at once for the full hour on Thursday! lol

  5. Wow. Where can I get an Eric?!

  6. Nice! Eric is fun. You will love it and spin. I am so excited for you. Keep me posted.

  7. That's great that you're so happy with your trainer!

    However, the exercise-so-hard-you're-afraid-you'll-puke thing wouldn't work for me for the long haul.

    But I am a notorious slacker. Sounds like it's working for you!


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